Double Unfuse Dupe


A slow but consistent way to dupe any arrow-fusible material.

Required Items

  • At least 2 bows (preferably 3).
  • At least one arrow.
  • Space behind Link for the dropped bows.
  • An item that can be fused to an arrow (note: materials like insects or frogs cannot be attached to arrows, so they cannot be duped using this method).


  1. Equip any of your bows in the menu, and press ZR to pull out the bow and gain access to the arrow fusing menu.
  2. Fuse the item you wish to dupe to your arrow.
  3. Pause the game, drop your equipped bow, and equip a second.
  4. Here is the timing part of the trick: unpause the game and pause again within 3 frames. If done correctly, you should see the item fused to an arrow in the pause menu.
    • Note: the window between pauses seems to be different for different items. If the trick isn't working on a specific item, try lengthening or shortening this window.
  5. Drop the second bow.
    • Optional: If you have a third bow, equip it, repeat step 4, and drop it. While the third bow isn't required for the trick, it does seem to make it more consistent for certain items.
      • Note: the third bow will not have the item fused in the pause menu, even with the correct timing.
  6. Unpause the game and quickly pick up every bow you dropped.
  7. If done correctly, you should have one more of whatever item was fused onto the arrow.


Multishot bows do not have any effect on this trick; they will act the same as any other bow.

Laggier areas, such as Lookout Landing or the Water Temple, can make the timing easier.

Last updated 10/18/2023 – radialhex