Save Load Duplication

Discovered by ZombieBoy225 on May 16th, 2023.


A simple and consistent way to dupe weapons, shields, and bows.

Required Items

  • One weapon, shield, or bow that you want to dupe.
  • Space behind Link for the item to be safely dropped.


  1. Equip the item you wish to dupe with a quick-menu (dpad).
  2. Open the pause menu and save the game.
  3. Drop your equipped item.
  4. Unpause and pause again directly after.
  5. Load the save from step 2.
  6. The item will apear at the coordinates where the SLD (save load dupe) was performed


While you can dupe multiple equipment types at the same time, this can result in several undesirable effects and is not recommended.

Laggier areas, such as Lookout Landing or the Water Temple, can make the timing easier.

Last updated 07/22/2023 – radialhex