Rocket Pump

Rocket Pump (Subset of Fuse Entanglement)


Rocket Pump, also referred to as Rocketboarding or more commonly Pocket Rocket is a technique utilizing Fuse Entanglement in order to attach a rocket to Link's shield but not be completely loaded onto the shield allowing for an instant cancel out of a shield surf causing Link to repeatedly and (near) infinitely jump.


Before doing Rocket Pump it is important to understand some of the idea and properties of the technique. Pocket Rocket works by attaching a rocket to Link's shield while holding the rocket in some other way (i.e., Autobuild, Fusing to equipment) it technically does not have to be attached to anything but after just a couple of pumps away from the rocket and it will despawn causing the rocket to no longer be "attached" to the shield. It is also important to note this technique is not limited specifically to Rockets and can be done with many other Zonai Devices and materials. The only other thing to note is that this technique will still use shield durability and use your battery so it is not just an infinite jump but is still reliant on what you have which is why many people perform this glitch with the Hylian Shield.


In order to perform this you will need two Shield's, the Fuse ability, a Rocket, and any fusible melee weapon/Autobuild.

  1. Perform Fuse Entanglement with the rocket
  2. Attach the Rocket to either a melee weapon or perform Autobuild Cancel on the rocket
  3. With the Rocket on or following Link perform a shield surf and immediately press B to cancel
  4. Repeatedly press ZR, A, and B. Make sure to hold ZR and either hold A and mash B or time A, B presses in order to use less durability and make it higher


Last updated 10/09/2023 – Malforme0