Midair Throw Duplication (MTD)

Discovered by quantim on July 2nd, 2023


Midair Throw Duplication is a glitch that allows us to duplicate items by dropping the 0th item in a stack.

In order to perform the glitch, you require a ledge link can jump or fall off of, and a single holdable item in a stack you want to duplicate, including Zonai items. You can only duplicate up to 20 items at once with this method, as they will otherwise begin to unload.

This glitch can also be performed alongside Dispenser Storage (link needed) in order to have more than 20 items on the ground at once, due to the properties of the dispenser and how they hold items.


General Items/Zonai parts

  1. Stand on top of the ledge with an item you want to duplicate held with R (looking as far down as possible helps) and jump off or fall off the ledge.

  2. Right before link hits the ground, hold dpad-up to enter the item menu.

  3. Release R, and press X on the item Link is currently holding (it should say the stack has 0 items in it)

  4. Release dpad-up and Link should throw the item onto the ground, with a duplicate item behind him

Example video (General Items)

Example video (Zonai Parts)

Elemental parts

Some parts have special effects that happen when they touch the ground, such as rubies, which explode when they hit the floor. In order to duplicate these parts while not making this happen, we use Recall when the part is flying in the air, as shown below.

Example Video (Elemental Parts)


This glitch seems pretty precise, but the timing gets quite simple once you understand where you're dropping it from, and the window is quite generous, so take your time.

Last updated 07/29/2023 – Paperzlel