Cog Jump

Cog Jump is a shortcut done by jumping onto the cogs right after activating the first warp.

This allows the player to obtain Wings as early as possible, providing a faster way to reach the Temple of Time and Shrines. (Mostly used in versions 1.0.0 - 1.1.1)


Jump on the pillar and descend a bit.

Adjust the camera to view the platform.

Wait until the platform is nearly perpendicular to Link.

Simultaneously press Down on the control stick and X to perform a jump. If executed correctly, you should be able to land on the platform, jump onto the central part, and reach the roof near the exit door.


The visual indicator that confirms a successful cancel is witnessing Link draw a weapon while being in the menu after pressing B then Y.

Alternatively, you can time a precise jump attack onto the cog as demonstrated below.


Road to Early Wings

Once you've performed Cog Jumps, follow the path shown below and climb the hill in order to get Early Wings

Last updated 06/17/2023 – Zelkys