Food Ability Buffer Swap

Discovered by fabs on May 16th, 2023.


Food Ability Buffer Swap or FABS allows you to transfer the effects of a food (for example, a hearty skewer) onto a stackable roasted food. This can be performed in either Kara Kara Bazaar or at Lurelin Village at the respective roasted food shop


  1. Drop a Zonai cooking pot nearby the shopkeeper
  2. Cook a meal with any effect
  3. Eat that meal in front of the shopkeeper
  4. Buy roasted meat from the shopkeeper
  5. If done correctly, you will have the effect applied to whatever roasted food you bought


This only works with roasted food. Buying any other kind of item that goes to a tab other than the cooked food tab will not work. The effect only lasts on the food up until you eat the last one of the stack. You can use different roasted foods for different effect simultaneously, such as speed food on roasted steak and stamina on roasted bass, for instance.


Last updated 11/09/2023 – Paperzlel