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Any% (Paraglider)

This guide goal is to help you to complete your first Any% Speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. This guide is based on Gymnast86’s 1:18 run Please note that this guide can be obsolete in a few days, depending on the discoveries of the community.

This guide is based on a version before 1.1.2, most of the glitches don't work if you are in 1.1.2

Log update:

  • 24 May 2023 - Replaced old dupe method by MSD (Midair Sort Duplication)

In order to complete the game, you will need those prerequisites:

  • Clear the Prelude and get the 4 Zonai Powers to complete Great Sky Island

  • Get the Paraglider (Skippable but it’s an advanced strat)

  • Gear yourself in Hyrule’s Castle

  • Kill the Army of Ganondorf and the Bosses

  • Win against Ganondorf’s phases

You’ll also need to learn how to Midair Sort Duplication (MSD) - Tutorial by Linkus7

This run timing ends when Link grabs Zelda’s Hand, as shown in the picture below.

Zelda's Hand


Depths aren’t complicated, just try to skip as early as possible cutscenes (except Ganondorf’s one) and clear texts as fast as possible.

Once Link’s wake up, grab the Broken Master Sword, activate the teleport, get out of the cave and jump on the side.

Go activate the Steward Construct and jump off the cliff and perform bridge skip by diving and pressing B right before reaching the wall so Link can grab onto it.

Bridge Skip 1 Bridge Skip 1

Follow the left path in order to reach a boulder, push it and kill the 2 constructs (grab their drops), and then go reach the temple of time and kill the construct again. Activate the door and on the way back, grab the Zonai charge and horn.

Reach the snowy area, kill the construct (grab the drops), grab 3 peppers, and cook them in order to make a Spicy Sautéed Peppers meal(Cold Resistance 07:30), eat it, go on the right side and surf until you reach the Maker Construct in order to get your first battery and climb the walls in order to reach the shrine. (be careful to not stay too long in the icy water.

Gutanbac Shrine

Get the first ability (Ascend) and climb the first floor Cut the rope with the rusty claymore, Ascend through the bridge and make your way to the end of it Once you’re out of the shrine, Ascend through the tree nearby and make your way to the gumball machine. You’ll need at least 3 Wings (inv: 4 Zonai Orbs & 3 Horns).

Gutanbac1 gutanbac2

Break the ice stalactite and use the wing (don’t move too much from the center) to reach the next shrine: RECALL

wing to in-isa

In-Isa Shrine

Get the second ability (Fuse) grab the rusty claymore and Fuse it to the first rock then Fuse the rusty claymore to the second rock, then break the wall.

Break the up-left pillar in order to open the chest (5 Arrows).

Grab the right row of Fire Fruits, burn the leaves to get the key and on the way back, grab the other row of Fire Fruits, break the next wall, grab more Fire Fruits, don’t fight the construct and leave the shrine.

Break the rocks near the shrine and grab 5 arrows, then climb the cliff and reach the tree.


Place yourself around this spot:


Put the top of the reticle there:


Spawn a wing then forward shield jump onto it, and IMMEDIATELY position yourself on the center of it, to not make it dive too much.

forward jump placement

Glide to this pillar, climb it, Ascend through the ground and use again Ascend to reach the shrine:

way to Ukouh 1 way to Ukouh 2

way to Ukouh 3

Ukouh Shrine

Get the third ability (Ultrahand) Shield jump over the first gap. Grab a plank and place it on the ground below with an angle to climb it right after:


Grab the plank, climb it, then shield jump on the rail and complete the shrine.

Ukouh 2 Ukouh 3

Go to the Temple of Time, open the door, grab the fourth ability (Recall).

Shield jump onto the right mechanism then climb the middle one, and climb the left wheel, then try to open the door until you’re left with One and a half heart.

Leave by teleporting to the Room of Awakening. Inside the Room of Awakening, Ascend through the roof and get to Nachoyah Shrine.

Nachoyah Shrine

Use Recall and finish the shrine.

nachoya1 nachoya2

Go back to the Temple of Time, get a fourth heart container and open the door.

Trigger the Master Sword cutscene.


Grab a wing and glide until you’re above Lookout Landing then perform the same trick as bridge skip.

Lookout Jump 1 Lookout Jump 2

Talk to Purah, go outside of Lookout Landing, and spawn Epona by using TWILIGHT PRINCESS LINK Amiibo (Smash Bros Ultimate) (run if you don’t have amiibos) and run toward Hyrule Castle Town Ruins where you can grab a Pot Lid, then go open the doors of the castle and go to the place below in order to Ascend through the roof.

door1 door2

Talk to Hoz (Zelda Cutscene) and get out of Hyrule’s Castle with Epona (take fall damages, have 1 heart max for maximizing damages later) Go back to Lookout Landing but before that, grab the Topaz in this chest.

topaz1 topaz2

Talk to Purah, go see the knight right downstairs, and grab the 3 swords then go activate the tower in order to get the Paraglider.


Go back to Castle, Jump on to the wall using Epona, climb it then Ascend through the roof.

Epona Jump bow and arrows

Grab the Bow and Arrows, then open the floor trap door, open the Diamond Chest.

trap door

Now you’ll need to follow the Midair Sort Duplication (MSD) tutorial in order to get 2 Diamonds.

Once you do that, attach them to your Knight BroadSword (64 Atk Diamond Reaper) and your Royal Broadsword (35 Atk Diamond Reaper).

Knight Broadsword will have 64 Atk as long as you have 1 Heart or Less, Royal will have 35!

Glide down 1 floor and sneak attack the bokoblin:

boko1 boko2

Break the boxes using a Boulder Hammer, and cook at least 2 Bananas and 1 Palm Fruit that should give you a Mighty Simmered Fruit (+1 Atk UP 2:10), then Ascend through the roof and make your way to the Depth under the Floating Castle.

The Depths

Avoid fighting enemies beside (and collect pick-up the following items):

  • Electric Keeses ( 5 Electric Keese Eyeballs and minimum 3 Electric Keese Wings)
  • Lynel ( 1 Hoof, 1 Shield, 1 White-Maned Lynel Saber & Mace Horn, 1 Lynel Bow, Arrows)

Once you’re done fighting the Lynel(make a save before you fight him), drop your Traveler’s Bow (VERY IMPORTANT) and unequip any bow.


Grab the Lynel Bow but don’t clear the cutscene, go into the inventory instead, sort by strength, then equip the Old Wooden Bow, now you can leave the menu and clear the text box. Next thing you want to do is drop the Old Wooden Bow outside of the menu (ZR + D-Pad Right + X).

Place a wing behind the Pillar and Ascend through the malice:

malice 1 malice 2

Avoid Ice Keeses, kill them, get their eyeballs and wings. Dive down and freeze the 2 Lizalfos using 1 Ice Keese Eyeball.

Attach with Fuse a rocket to your Pot Lid!

Kill the 2 Chuchu, get all the Jelly and freeze the moblin on the other side, then glide down to the side of the broken stairs in order to Ascend through them.

stairs 1 stairs 2

Break the boulders and grab the chest(10x Bomb Flowers).

Once at Forgotten Foundation, freeze the bokoblin using 1 Ice Keese Eyeball, then use Fire Fruits, to kill the Gibdos and collect their bones.

Duplicate Materials again using MSD, you must have:

  • 11 Topaz
  • 2 White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
  • Fuse a Bomb Flower to your Lynel Shield


Now you can make your way to the end!

Ganondorf's Army

  • Phase 1:

    Use 4 Topaz on Bokoblins (Remaining Topaz: 7), if needed you can shoot normal arrows + Grab Arrows and 1 Bokoblin Horn.

  • Phase 2:

    Bomb Shield Jump out of the fight, in order to fly in the air, use Topaz again (Remaining Topaz: 6), Grab Arrows and 1 Royal Halberd. (Easier if you grab 2 Royal Halberds here instead of 1).

  • Phase 3:

    Use Fire Fruits to kill the Gibdos(except 1 Flying Gibdo) and grab 3 Gibdo Bones and 1 Royal Halberd. Fuse both Royal Halberds with the White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn and the White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn Now you can kill the last flying Gibdo(and collect his bones) with Fire Fruits (Remaining Fire Fruits: 6).

  • Phase 4:

    Use Topaz again (Remaining Topaz: 6) and normal arrows (Easier: Grab the Knight’s Claymore here).



  • P1:

    Shoot 2 Ice Keese Wings and 1 Electric Keese Eyeball.

  • P2:

    Wait for Colgera to start sending you his spikes, then drop down to be under his body. Shoot 2 Electric Keese Wings, switch Bow, shoot the last Electric Keese Wing.



  • P1:

    Equip Knight’s Claymore and Fuse it with a White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn (110 atk), then once MG throws a rock at you, use Recall , make it explode on its eye, and Ascend through it, then Spin until your stamina is empty and finish the first phase with a Jump Attack.

  • P2:

    Wait for MG to drop the exploding rocks, then using Ultrahand , place one of them close to her leg, Ascend and finish her with a slash.


  • P1:

    Use 2 Chuchu Jelly to get him out of the Shark then stop him with 1 normal arrows shot, spin until phase 2 triggers.

  • P2:

    Use 2 Chuchu Jelly to get him out of the mud then 1 Electric Keese Eyeball, spin and kill him.


  • P1:

    Use 1 Electric Keese Eyeball then use 2 Gibdo Bones to stun her, spin2 win(White-Maned Lynel Blade will break on the last hit of P1 if everything is fine).

  • P2:

    Use 1 Electric Keese Eyeball then use your Rocket Shield to reach the top of a Gibdo Nest then Paraglide onto it. Shooty 2 Gibdo Bones to stun her from the top of the Nest then 3 Gibdo Bones while being in Bullet Time(BT), 3 should be enough to kill her.


  • P1:

    Fuse Soldier’s Broadsword with Lynel Hoof, Equip Lynel Shield, Parry its attack, charge spin quickly to push it to the spiked barrier.

  • P2:

    Use Fire Fruit to cancel its attacks when it's in the air then repeat parry -> charged spins.


  • P1:

    Use 2 Topaz (Remaining Topaz: 3) + Normal arrows/Flurry Rush.

  • P2:

    Use 2 Topaz (Remaining Topaz: 1) + Normal arrows/Flurry Rush.

Make a Rocket Shield and Glide to Ganondorf’s Fight.


  • P1:

    Force a Flurry Rush by attacking Ganondorf, equip White-Maned Lynel Spear and eat the Mighty Simmered Fruit (+1 Atk UP 2:10), Force him to flurry rush you a second time(don’t forget to dodge), then shoot Flower Bombs Arrows until P1 is done.

  • P2:

    Flurry Rush then adapt to the fight, goal is to Flurry Rush him as quick as possible.

  • P3:

    Flurry Rush + Adapt to the fight, and deal some damage at the end.

Demon Dragon

Instant dive, avoid attacks, wait for the eyes to be open to attacks, go onto Zelda.

Do these steps 3 times and after that the final eye will open on the dragon's head.


Last updated 05/26/2023 – Zelkys