Quick Smuggling

Discovered by Suishi on July 10th 2023


Quick Smuggling is a glitch that allows players to hold an item without the physical item being shown. These smuggled items, hence the name, have different properties to normal items, and so can be used in interesting ways.

To perform Quick Smuggle you will need 2 of any item type (weapon, shield, bow). You can also perfom this glitch with fused items, to create interesting effects.


  1. Begin by standing opposite to a wall and press + to open the menu

  2. Drop the item you have currently equipped, equip another of the same item type, and unequip that as well.

  3. Unpause the game and the item you smuggled is now invisible.

Source video

Note: you do not need to use the map unless you wish to use the quick menus (not recommended)

Example video (bomb shield smuggling)

Last updated 07/29/2023 – Paperzlel