Wrong Warp

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In Ocarina of Time, a wrong warp is a complex glitch that allows you to enter different scenes (areas) than one expected.

Cutscene Skips vs Wrong Warps

Wrong warping is achieved by manipulating blue warps. When you enter the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, Jabu Jabu, and Fire Temple's blue warps without having obtained their respective stone or medallion yet, they set two important variables:

  • A variable set by all blue warps called the Next Base Entrance Index, which is used to set where the warp will take you. This "points" to the start an array of possible scene/entrances to spawn at next within the game's entrance table.
  • An additional variable called the Next Cutscene Number variable, which is used trigger a specific type of cutscene in the scene being warped to. This variable also acts as a modifier used for picking what entrance to spawn at based on the Base Entrance Index.

Aside from the Jabu Jabu blue warp, it's possible to change the Next Base Entrance Index set by all blue warps using a number of different setups (which results in a cutscene skip). But, because the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, and Fire Temple warps set this Next Cutscene Number variable, it's possible to pick an entrance beyond the intended array of entrances, resulting in a warp that takes you to a completely different scene, or warp into an scene and play a cutscene different from the intended one.

Crashing and the Cutscene Pointer

The cutscene pointer is where things start to crash. Or softlock. Or go insanely bizarre.

The file format for Scenes has an optional command that is used to define multiple variations of the same scene (called scene setups). These scene setups are used to create Day/Night/Child/Adult variations of a scene, as well as setups for playing a specific cutscene (determined by the Cutscene Number variable).

When a scene has this optional command, a wrong warp into this scene only either play a cutscene, or crash the game.

But when it doesn't, a wrong warp into this scene becomes dependent on something called the Cutscene Pointer because the scene doesn't provide the information necessary to play it's own cutscene.

This means that even if the destination is the same, for some wrong warps (ex. Ganondoor) you must take extra care to manipulate the cutscene pointer value and sometimes even the data it's pointing at, otherwise you will end up with an undesirable result.

The Warp Results By Scene page has a list of all wrong warp destinations that are/are not affected by the cutscene pointer.

Changing the Base Entrance Index

There are currently four different techniques to modifying the Next Base Entrance Index value after the blue warp has set the Next Cutscene Number variable.

Boss Room Doors

All boss rooms have a fully functional exit back to the main dungeon. Boss Room Doors warp you back to a set position.

DungeonWarp Destination
Deku TreeTower Collapse Interior
Dodongo's CavernKnow-It-All-Brothers (in Kokiri Forest)
Fire TempleTower Collapse Interior

Death Warping

If you die within a boss room, your entrance is set back to the dungeon start. Oddly enough, all 3 wrong warps spawn you at the start of a dungeon or mini-dungeon.

DungeonWarp Destination
Deku TreeDodongo's Cavern Entrance
Dodongo's CavernGerudo Training Grounds Entrance
Fire TempleForest Temple Entrance

Adult Trade Timer

The Adult Trade Timer has a nifty behavior to it. If the timer expires while the Adult Trade Item slot has an item that must normally be delivered in time, you will end up back where you got that item. But, if the Adult Trade Item slot contains an item that can't be recognized, the game will simply warp you back to the last entrance used.

DungeonWarp Destination (Odd Mushroom)
Deku Tree
Dodongo's Cavern
Lost Woods (Always Crashes)
Fire TempleLost Woods (Always Crashes)
DungeonWarp Destination (Eyeball Frog/Eye Drops)
Deku Tree
Dodongo's Cavern
Lon Lon Ranch (Epona's Song Cutscene)
Fire TempleLon Lon Ranch (Credits cutscene)
DungeonWarp Destination (Invalid Trade Item)
Deku TreeBongo Bongo's Boss Room
Dodongo's CavernGohma's Boss Room
Fire TempleLake Hylia (Always Crashes)

Farore's Wind

By equipping Farore's Wind on B or performing similar tricks that allow you to cast Farore's Wind without restrictions, you can change your entrance index to almost every entrance in the game, giving you the most options for wrong warping. This is achieved by setting a Farore's Wind point somewhere, then using Farore's Wind just as you touch the edge of a blue Warp to pull up a menu. The timing for returning back depends on whether the blue warp is a child or adult blue warp. Child warps you can simply return once you start rising from the ground, while Adult warps require frame perfect precision.

The main disadvantage to Farore's Wind wrong warp is that returning to a Farore's Wind point will set your coordinates base to where it was cast, rather than spawning you based on a table lookup. This can result in spawning out of bounds (either infinitely falling into a void or stuck within the geometry of an "unloaded" room), or crashing due to the saved coordinates forcing the game to load a room that doesn't exist.

Because the cutscene number set by the blue warp cannot be manipulated (outside of simply using a different dungeon's blue warp), wrong warping from Deku Tree or Dodongo's Cavern will always take you to the same location, though the setups to avoid crashes due to the cutscene pointer may differ.

After Wrong Warping

Once you warp to a location and things haven't outright crashed, the game ends up in an interesting state.

When you wrong warp, the base entrance index you used to overwrite the one set by the blue warp is stored as your last entrance for when you fall out of bounds or touch an out of bounds zone.

This means that once the cutscene after the wrong warp finishes (if there's one to begin with), you will be sent back to that entrance if you end up falling out of bounds, die, or are captured by Wallmasters until you load a new area.

Furthermore, if you open any doors in a dungeon for example, then instead of spawning back at the entrance used to wrong warp, you will spawn in the scene referenced by the entrance, but with the coordinates set when going through the door, a result similar to a void warp.

Fortunately, if you save within a dungeon after wrong warping, you will respawn at that dungeon's entrance.

Lastly, an odd side effect to wrong warping is that a set of flags used to store temporary game states (stuff that resets when re-entering a dungeon like blue switches, time blocks, pot contents) is preserved when wrong warping, resulting in some odd side effects. For example, if you shoot down the ladder in the Deku Tree (which is set to a temporary flag for some reason), and wrong warp to Tower Collapse, one of the gates will already be open when you climb down the tower.

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