Down A

Discovered by Fiercelinkmaster

With Down A you can climb slippery slopes and when combined with Swordless Link (insert link when SL page is made) you can do 360 degree hovering. It also causes collection delay when obtaining items from npcs. Being swordless allows you to use items equipped to c.

Go to any ladder or climbable vine. Place a bomb to the side then take out your sword, press and hold Z and R and climb onto the vine/ladder.
You will now have your shield out while on the ladder and cannot move until you either let go of R or get your shield hit. Once the bomb explodes and hits your shield you will fall off of the vine/ladder. You now have "Down" on your A button and the camera angle is screwed up.
Jumping off a ledge will cancel this.

Last updated 01/13/2014 – mzxrules