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OK, here's my Ocarina of Time RBA stuff. I will add to this when I don't have like 4 different papers due for college.


Here's a simple way of explaining RBA - when you update your B button with a new item (example: catch a bug), it takes the value of the bug (according to the game, bug is 29), and writes that value onto a different section of your inventory. Which section depends on what item you have on c-right. So, if you have a Goron Mask on c-right (Goron Mask is linked to Tunics & Boots), it will actually write the value of 29 onto your tunics/boots binary slot. 29 in binary is 0001 1101. If you look at the charts below, you'll see that this will end up giving you the Kokiri Tunic, the Zora Tunic and the Kokiri Boots (although you already had those boots anyway), and will delete all other tunics/boots you have (because their values are 0 now).


Here's the list of modifiers that can be used in RBA as of right now.

bottle values
RBA modifiers (as of January 2009)
Empty bottle 20 0001 0100
Fairy 24 0001 1000
Fish 25 0001 1001
Blue fire * 28 0001 1100
Bug 29 0001 1101
Half-milk ** 31 0001 1111

* - Blue fire is difficult as a child - here's how.
** - only works while you have c-right pointing to something with a value of 26. video.

The other bottle items DO NOT WORK, because of the following reasons:

21 - Red potion: Can only be bought, game doesn't recognize B button bottle.
22 - Green potion: Can only be bought, game doesn't recognize B button bottle.
23 - Blue potion: Can only be bought, game doesn't recognize B button bottle.
26 - Full milk: When you play the song for the cows, the game doesn't recognize B button bottle.
27 - Ruto's letter: No way to update B button to Ruto's Letter outside of regular BA.
30 - Big Poe: Can't capture Poe without talking to it. Game doesn't recognize B button bottle.
32 - Poe: Can't capture Poe without talking to it. Game doesn't recognize B button bottle.

We need to figure how to update the B button with other items of higher values. The bottles stop at 32 though, and Bug/29 is the highest useful value we can update things with right now. As you can see RBA is very limited as of right now, and unless somebody comes up with a breakthrough, it will remain that way. However, still a lot to be done even with just these possibilities though, so here goes.

Item Screen

Item Slots
item on c-rightitem slot replaced
Deku Stick Deku Stick
Deku Nut Deku Nut
Bombs Bombs
Fairy Bow Fairy Bow
Fire Arrow * Fire Arrow
Din's Fire Din's Fire
Fairy Slingshot Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina Fairy Ocarina/Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of Time Bombchus
Bombchus Hookshot/Longshot
Hookshot Ice Arrow
Longshot Farore's Wind
Ice Arrow * Boomerang
Farore's Wind Lens of Truth
Boomerang Magic Beans
Lens of Truth Megaton Hammer
Magic Beans Light Arrow
Megaton Hammer Nayru's Love
Light Arrow * Bottle #1
Nayru's Love Bottle #2
Empty Bottle Bottle #3
Red Potion Bottle #4
Green Potion Adult Trade Items
Blue Potion Child Trade Items

* Unequippable to C-right.

Having these items on C-right while changing the value of your B bottle will add new bottles to your inventory. Example: You have the Ocarina of Time on C-right. You catch a Fairy in your B bottle. Now if you check your inventory, your Bombchu slot will be overwritten with a bottled Fairy!

The list starts off "normally" but becomes staggered. This is because some slots (Ocarina slot, Hookshot slot) can hold multiple items. It's worth noting that even if you replace a slot that is only usable as a certain Link (example: replace Child Trade Items slot with a bottle), it is still only equippable with the proper Link. The value of the item in that slot is irrelevant.

After Blue Potion, the game has cycled the inventory once. Now it goes through it again, with the AMOUNT you have of each item slot.

Item Amounts
item on c-rightitem amount updated
Fairy Deku Stick amount
Fish Deku Nut amount
Lonlon Milk (full) Bomb amount
Bottled Letter Arrow amount
Blue Fire Fire Arrow amount *
Bug Din's Fire amount *
Big Poe Deku Seed amount
Lonlon Milk (half) Ocarina amount *
Poe Bombchu amount
Weird Egg Hookshot/Longshot amount *
Cucco Ice Arrow amount *
Zelda's Letter Farore's Wind amount *
Keaton Mask Boomerang amount *
Skull Mask Lens of Truth amount *
Spooky Mask Magic Beans amount
Bunny Hood Magic Beans popularity **

* Unused value.
** This is how many Magic Beans you've ever bought from the Bean seller in Zora's River. For example, if the value is set to 6, he will charge you 70 rupees for a bean. Any values higher than 9 cause him to stop selling beans. Video.

Using RBA with these items on C-Right will simply write the value of your bottled item on B as the new amount of the item on the right column. Example - catch a fairy in your B bottle while a bottled Poe is on C-right and you will have 24 bombchus.


Alright. The equipment is handled differently - several items are stored within the same byte of data, they merely have on/off switches to determine if you have them or not. This way the game can save space by storing information like which tunics and boots you have in one 8-digit binary value.

An example: Lets say the value of the Tunics & Boots byte is 0011 0111. What does that mean? Well, if you convert it into decimal, you get 55. 55 is 1+2+4+16+32. If you look at the chart below, you will see that this means you have all the tunics and boots except Hover Boots. By using RBA, you can rewrite this value to the value of one of the modifiers above.

tunics & boots
Goron Mask on C-right (child-only)
what itembinary valuedecimal value
Kokiri Tunic 0000 0001 1
Goron Tunic 0000 0010 2
Zora Tunic 0000 0100 4
Kokiri Boots 0001 0000 16
Iron Boots 0010 0000 32
Hover Boots 0100 0000 64

If you delete your Kokiri Tunic, then have a Like-Like eat your remaining Tunic, the game puts the Kokiri Tunic back on you, despite you not having it. In your inventory the empty slot where the Kokiri Tunic would go will be selected, sort of like how if you skip the Kokiri Sword, become an adult, then go back in time, you will be wielding the Kokiri Sword, despite having never gotten it, and it not being in your inventory.

Now the swords & shields byte:

Zora Mask on C-right (child-only)
what itembinary valuedecimal value
Kokiri Sword 0000 0001 1
Master Sword 0000 0010 2
Biggoron Sword 0000 0100 4
Giant's Knife * 0000 0100 4
Giant's Knife (broken) 0000 1100 12
"Broken" ** 0000 1000 8
Deku shield 0001 0000 16
Hylian shield 0010 0000 32
Mirror shield 0100 0000 64

* - Giant's Knife and Biggoron Sword share the same value. There must be a different variable in place somewhere else to determine which one it is.
** - "Broken" is the trigger if the Giant's Knife is broken or not. Using RBA you can actually get the "Broken" trigger to be on without having the third sword. This causes there to be the image of the broken sword in your inventory, but the cursor moves right past it when you try to select it.

Left-Side Equipment

Ok, now for the left-side equipment. This includes capacity upgrades and some hidden stuff like wallet upgrades. The way the values here work is very unintuitive. Also, some of the items you can put on here are very strange. There are 4 slots where items can go -- I will refer to them as slots 1 through 4, with slot 1 being the top one (typically your bullet bag/quiver) going down to the bottom one (silver and gold scale) as slot 4. If I mark a value as "x" instead of 0 or 1, it means that bit is not used for the slot I am talking about.

Each left-side equipment slot tends to take up three bits. Slots 2 and 4 have all of their three bits in a single byte, while slots 1 and 3 are a mixture of two separate bytes. Due to this, there will be two additional charts after the regular charts to show what a mixture of two bytes can do.

Cojiro on C-right (adult-only)
slot 1 (adult)binary valuedecimal valueeffect
Quiver (holds 30) xxxx x001 1 works normally
Quiver (holds 40) xxxx x010 2 works normally
Quiver (holds 50) xxxx x011 3 works normally *
Bomb Bag (holds 20) xxxx x100 4 holds 0 arrows *
Bomb Bag (holds 30) xxxx x101 5 holds 20 arrows *
Bomb Bag (holds 40) xxxx x110 6 holds 30 arrows *
Goron Bracelet xxxx x111 7 holds 40 arrows *
slot 2binary valuedecimal valueeffect
Bomb Bag (holds 20) xx00 1xxx 8 works normally
Bomb Bag (holds 30) xx01 0xxx 16 works normally
Bomb Bag (holds 40) xx01 1xxx 24 works normally
Goron Bracelet xx10 0xxx 32 holds 0 bombs
Silver Gauntlets xx10 1xxx 40 holds 20 bombs
Golden Gauntlets xx11 0xxx 48 holds 30 bombs
Silver Scale xx11 1xxx 54 holds 40 bombs
slot 3binary valuedecimal valueeffect
Goron Bracelet 01xx xxxx 64 works normally
Silver Gauntlets 10xx xxxx 128 works normally
Golden Gauntlets 11xx xxxx 192 works normally

* If you get one of these BEFORE winning the Shooting Gallery game in Kakariko, you can pick up the guy! Found by darklink23jdm. Video.

Slot 3 isn't finished yet, and the lowest bit in the next chart will complete slot 3's possibilities.

Pocket Cucco on C-right (adult-only)
slot 3binary valuedecimal valueeffect
Various items *** xxxx xxx1 1 colored gauntlets ***
slot 4binary valuedecimal valueeffect
Silver Scale xxxx 001x 2 works normally
Gold Scale xxxx 010x 4 works normally
Giant's Knife (broken) xxxx 011x 6 dive distance 1
Adult's Wallet * xxxx 100x 8 dive distance 1
Giant's Wallet * xxxx 101x 10 dive distance 1
Deku Seeds * xxxx 110x 12 dive distance 1
Fishing Rod * xxxx 111x 14 dive distance 1
wallet upgradesbinary valuedecimal valueeffect
Default Wallet - 99 xx00 xxxx 0 works normally
Adult's Wallet - 200 xx01 xxxx 16 works normally
Giant's Wallet - 500 xx10 xxxx 32 works normally
No Rupees Shown xx11 xxxx 48 see footnote **
slot 1 (child)binary valuedecimal valueeffect
Bullet Bag (holds 30) 01xx xxxx 64 works normally
Bullet Bag (holds 40) 10xx xxxx 128 works normally
Bullet Bag (holds 50) 11xx xxxx 192 works normally

* Shows Japanese text.
** You can still hold 500, but the amount will be gone from the screen.
*** You can get special colored gauntlets using this and the regular strength upgrades combined! Check further down on this page for the colored gauntlets chart.

Pocket Egg on C-right (adult-only)
slot 1 (child)binary valuedecimal valueeffect
Various items * xxxx xxx1 1 see footnote *
deku stick capacitybinary valuedecimal valueeffect
Stick Capacity (10) xxxx 001x 2 works normally
Stick Capacity (20) xxxx 010x 4 works normally
Stick Capacity (30) xxxx 011x 6 works normally
Stick Capacity (0) xxxx 100x 8 can't pick up/buy sticks
Stick Capacity (20) xxxx 101x 10 works normally
Stick Capacity (30) xxxx 110x 12 works normally
Stick Capacity (40)** xxxx 111x 14 works normally
deku nut capacitybinary valuedecimal valueeffect
Nut Capacity (20) x001 xxxx 16 works normally
Nut Capacity (30) x010 xxxx 32 works normally
Nut Capacity (40) x011 xxxx 48 works normally
Nut Capacity (0) x100 xxxx 64 can't pick up/buy nuts
Nut Capacity (128) x101 xxxx 80 see footnote ***
Nut Capacity (0) x110 xxxx 96 can't pick up/buy nuts
Nut Capacity (128) x111 xxxx 112 see footnote ***

* This works in conjunction with your Bullet Bag. See the chart further down to see what you can do with this.

** Just to save you the time, yes this upgrade is impossible -- the only way would be Halfmilk RBA with the Pocket Egg, but that means the value must be set to 26, and there is no way to do that to this value. I've tried.

*** You can hold up to 255 (if you buy more it wraps around to 0), but if you have over 128 and try to use one, it changes to 0. Also, the icons become screwed up once you get over 99. This upgrade is impossible to get as of now.

Well, those are the RBA charts for the left-side equipment. The left-side equipment is pretty complicated with the way the values can relate. There are a few other things you can do by mixing two values that take up the same slot, in order to get something new. You can mix your child Bullet Bag with Pocket Egg RBA to get other items on that slot. Here's the chart for that.

Slot 1 (child) Mix Chart
pocket egg RBA valuepocket cucco RBA valueitemeffect
xxxx xxx0 01xx xxxx Bullet Bag (30) works normally
xxxx xxx0 10xx xxxx Bullet Bag (40) works normally
xxxx xxx0 11xx xxxx Bullet Bag (50) works normally
xxxx xxx1 00xx xxxx Quiver (30) holds 0 seeds
xxxx xxx1 01xx xxxx Quiver (40) holds 10 seeds
xxxx xxx1 10xx xxxx Quiver (50) holds 20 seeds
xxxx xxx1 11xx xxxx Bomb Bag (20) holds 30 seeds

This one isn't very interesting, besides the very low capacity slingshot.

Something more interesting are the special colored gauntlets. This uses Pocket Cucco RBA mixed with the strength upgrades.

Colored Gauntlets Chart
pocket cucco RBAcojiro RBAitem in slot 3effect
xxxx xxx0 01xx xxxx Goron Bracelet works normally
xxxx xxx0 10xx xxxx Silver Gauntlets works normally
xxxx xxx0 11xx xxxx Golden Gauntlets works normally
xxxx xxx1 00xx xxxx Silver Scale Black Gauntlets
xxxx xxx1 01xx xxxx Gold Scale Green Gauntlets
xxxx xxx1 10xx xxxx Giant's Knife (broken) Blue Gauntlets
xxxx xxx1 11xx xxxx Adult's Wallet * Bronze Gauntlets

* Shows Japanese text

I believe Black, Green, Blue, and Bronze all have the strength of Gold, though some might have Silver (I haven't tested). This is pretty simple to do, just update the Pocket Cucco RBA value with any odd number (something that will end in a 1 in binary). If you never got any strength upgrades, this gives you the Black Gauntlets, but you can get different colors if you have different upgrades. Here's a video guide to get these on your console legit.

colored gauntlets

Quest Status

Quest status is simple. Each bit represents something you either have or do not have.

Broken Goron Sword on C-right (adult-only)
what itembinary valuedecimal value
Forest Medallion 0000 0001 1
Fire Medallion 0000 0010 2
Water Medallion 0000 0100 4
Spirit Medallion 0000 1000 8
Shadow Medallion 0001 0000 16
Light Medallion 0010 0000 32
Minuet of Forest 0100 0000 64
Bolero of Fire 1000 0000 128

If you ever do Broken Goron Sword RBA your Light Medallion will be permanently deleted, as there's no way to write a value of 32 or higher (yet).

It is worth noting using a Fish (0001 1001) will give you the Forest Medallion, and the Shadow and Spirit Medallions (rainbow bridge cutscene). This is extremely useful in a speedrun, as you could literally skip all adult dungeons.

Poacher's Saw on C-right (adult-only)
what itembinary valuedecimal value
Serenade of Water 0000 0001 1
Requiem of Spirit 0000 0010 2
Nocturne of Shadow 0000 0100 4
Prelude of Light 0000 1000 8
Zelda's Lullaby 0001 0000 16
Epona's Song 0010 0000 32
Saria's Song 0100 0000 64
Sun's Song 1000 0000 128

Not much to say here, pretty self explanatory.

Odd Potion on C-right (adult-only)
what itembinary valuedecimal value
Song of Time 0000 0001 1
Song of Storms 0000 0010 2
Kokiri's Emerald 0000 0100 4
Goron's Ruby 0000 1000 8
Zora's Sapphire 0001 0000 16
Stone of Agony 0010 0000 32
Gerudo's Card 0100 0000 64
Gold Skultula* 1000 0000 128

* Gold Skultula count must be stored somewhere else, having its bit set to 1 simply shows your count as opposed to not showing it (back when you first start your file, it doesn't show up).

Odd Mushroom on c-right (adult-only)
what itembinary valuedecimal value
0 heart pieces 0000 xxxx 0
1 heart piece 0001 xxxx 16
2 heart pieces 0010 xxxx 32
3 heart pieces 0011 xxxx 48

I went ahead and confirmed it -- picking up a heart piece adds 16 to the previous value. The last 4 binary digits do nothing. Kazooie used this to get 23 and a half hearts. Unless we can update the B button with an item that has the value of 32 or higher, then 23 hearts is the upper limit.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon items are the dungeon-specific items, such as the Compass or the Map. You can use RBA to delete or create them. All of the dungeons hold the data for these items the same way.

Dungeon Item Values
what itembinary valuedecimal value
Big Key 0000 0001 1
Compass 0000 0010 2
Dungeon Map 0000 0100 4

Each dungeon has its own byte for the dungeon items. Here are the items you need to put on C-right:

Dungeon Item RBA (adult-only)
item on c-rightwhat dungeon
Perscription Great Deku Tree
Eyeball Frog Dodongo's Cavern
Eyedrops Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Claim Check Forest Temple
Fire Arrow Fire Temple
Ice Arrow Water Temple
Light Arrow Spirit Temple
Kokiri Sword * Shadow Temple
Master Sword * Bottom of the Well
Giant's Knife * Ice Cavern
Deku Shield * Ganon's Castle

* Unequippable to C-right.

Small Key Amount
item on c-rightwhat dungeon
BulletBag (40) Deku Tree
BulletBag (50) Dodongo's Cavern
Quiver (30) Jabu Jabu's Belly
Quiver (40) Forest Temple
Quiver (50) Fire Temple
Bomb Bag (20) Water Temple
Bomb Bag (30) Spirit Temple
Bomb Bag (40) Shadow Temple
Goron's Bracelet Bottom of the Well
Silver Gauntlets Ice Cavern
Golden Gauntlets Ganon's Castle
Silver Scale gtg or shop (untested)
Golden Scale Gerudo Fortress*

If you skip the bomb-bag as a child, then win the bomb-bag upgrade from the Bombchu Bowling Alley and become an adult, then go back to Dodongo's Cavern and get the Bomb Bag. It will put the Bomb Bag (20) on your Bombchu slot for some reason? Anyway if you put it on C-right you can edit the Water Temple small key amount. Video.

* Keys only work on the appropriate cells.

The Item Chart

Below is the item chart, which shows the value for each item. Helpful for figuring out BA stuff.

Decimal Item Value Chart
0 Deku Sticks
1 Deku Nuts
2 Bombs
3 Fairy Bow
4 Fire Arrow
5 Din's Fire
6 Fairy Slingshot
7 Fairy Ocarina
8 Ocarina of Time
9 Bombchu
10 Hookshot
11 Longshot
12 Ice Arrow
13 Farore's Wind
14 Boomerang
15 Lens of Truth
16 Magic Beans
17 Megaton Hammer
18 Light Arrow
19 Nayru's Love
20 Empty Bottle
21 Red Potion
22 Green Potion
23 Blue Potion
24 Bottled Fairy
25 Fish
26 Milk (full)
27 Ruto's Letter
28 Blue Fire
29 Bug
30 Big Poe
31 Milk (half)
32 Poe
33 Weird Egg
34 Cucco
35 Zelda's Letter
36 Keaton Mask
37 Skull Mask
38 Spooky Mask
39 Bunny Hood
40 Goron Mask
41 Zora Mask
42 Gerudo Mask
43 Mask of Truth
45 Pocket Egg
46 Pocket Cucco
47 Cojiro
48 Odd Mushroom
49 Odd Potion
50 Poacher's Saw
51 Goron's Sword (broken)
52 Prescription
53 Eye Ball Frog
54 Eye Drops
55 Claim Check
56 Fairy Bow + Fire Arrow
57 Fairy Bow + Ice Arrow
58 Fairy Bow + Arrow of Light
59 Kokiri Sword
60 Master Sword
61 Biggoron Sword
62 Deku Shield
63 Hylian Shield
64 Mirror Shield
65 Kokiri Tunic
66 Goron Tunic
67 Zora Tunic
68 Kokiri Boots
69 Iron Boots
70 Hover Boots
71 Bullet Bag (holds 30 seeds)
72 Bullet Bag (holds 40 seeds)
73 Bullet Bag (holds 50 seeds)
74 Quiver (holds 30 arrows)
75 Quiver (holds 40 arrows)
76 Quiver (holds 50 arrows)
77 Bomb Bag (holds 20 bombs)
78 Bomb Bag (holds 30 bombs)
79 Bomb Bag (holds 40 bombs)
80 Goron's Bracelet
81 Silver Gauntlets
82 Golden Gauntlets
83 Silver Scale
84 Golden Scale
85 Giant's Knife (broken)
86 Adult's Wallet
87 Giant's Wallet
88 Deku Seeds
89 Fishing Pole
90 Minuet of Forest
91 Bolero of Fire
92 Serenade of Water
93 Requiem of Spirit
94 Nocturne of Shadow
95 Prelude of Light
96 Zelda's Lullaby
97 Epona's Song
98 Saria's Song
99 Sun's Song
100 Song of Time
101 Song of Storms
102 Forest Medallion
103 Fire Medallion
104 Water Medallion
105 Spirit Medallion
106 Shadow Medallion
107 Light Medallion
108 Kokiri Emerald
109 Goron's Ruby
110 Zora's Sapphire
111 Stone of Agony
112 Gerudo's Card
113 Gold Skulltula
114 Piece of Heart
115 Glitched...
116 Glitched...
117 Glitched...
118 Glitched...
119 Glitched...
120 Glitched...
121 Glitched...
120 Glitched...
121 Glitched...
122 Glitched...
123 Glitched...
124 Glitched...
125 Glitched...
126 Glitched...
127 Glitched...

last updated January 28, 2009.