Discord Servers

This is a list of the ZSR communities Discord Servers for help and general talk.

  • If you have a server you would like to add to the list, contact @jaredbranum via Twitter or a Staff of the ZeldaSpeedRuns Discord Server.
ZeldaSpeedRuns Zelda One Zelda Two
Server rules: - Keep discussions in their respective channels. - Staff and Mods are the people who keep things nice and tidy, please respect them. - No porn, racism, sexism, etc. - No link shorteners (such as bit.ly or tinyurl) unless given special permission.
A Link to The Past Ocarina of Time Link's Awakening DX
Majora's Mask Oracle of Ages/Seasons Ocarina of Time Master Quest

The Wind Waker

TWW Speedrunning

Invite Link

Four Swords Adventures

FSA Speedrunning

Invite Link

The Minish Cap

TMC Speedrunning

Invite Link

Twilight Princess

TP & TPHD Speedrunning

Invite Link

Phantom Hourglass

PH Speedrunning

Invite Link

Ocarina of Time: 3D

OoT3D Science & Speedrunning

Invite Link

Skyward Sword

SS Speedrunning

Invite Link

The Wind Waker HD

TWWHD Speedrunning

Invite Link

A Link Between Worlds

ALBW Speedrunning

Invite Link

Majoras Mask: 3D

MM3D Science & Speedrunning

Invite Link

Breath of The Wild

BoTW Speed

Invite Link

Server rules: 1. Controversial discussions about the game (e.g. amiibos) have been hashed and rehashed. While your opinions are valid, bringing them up will only lead to argument. Keep it to a minimum and refer to this link for the consensus that has been reached.
2. Treat everyone with respect. Nothing offensive.
3. Keep discussions positive and good mannered.
4. Don't advertise.
5. Keep conversations in their respective channels.