Item Chart

On this page you will find the item chart, which shows the name and value of every inventory item in the game. This sort of information is useful when looking in detail at the effects of BA and RBA.

Some of this information has been pulled from the old archives of the 'Zelda's Secret Ocarina' site.

If an item is marked with "JP TEXT:" this means that the item name displayed is marked in Japanese text and this is the English translation.

Using BA, it is possible to place almost any item on B from 0-255. Items 90-254 have a glitchy pixelated icon when placed on a button or slot.

Items 0-3, 5-11, 13-17, and 19-58 can be equipped to C normally and can therefore be used in RBA (Item 44, SOLD OUT, requires a trick to equip it to C). The other items require cheats to put on C and RBA with.

There are some strange patterns involving Eye Drops, Game Crashes, and Lon Lon Milk (Half) when using items over 63.

Individual item notes:

  • Using a Deku Stick as adult crashes the game on N64 and Emulator. It works normally but is invisible as adult on VC and GC.
  • All Fairy Bow and Magic Arrow items act like Fairy Slingshot when used as child (they shoot seeds).
  • The Fairy Slingshot acts like the Fairy Bow when used as adult (It shoots Arrows that look like seeds)
  • Fairy Slingshot, Fairy Bow, and Bombchus cannot be placed on B by normal BA.
  • Lens of Truth and Masks do not work normally when placed on B unless also equipped to C. Masks can still be sold easily by mashing the B button and pressing a.
  • Using age-specific weapons as the wrong link makes them invisible.
  • Magic Beans and Boomerang work normally as adult.
  • The Megaton Hammer works normally as child
  • The Hookshot and Longshot softlock the game when used as child. They keep your momentum though, so they can give you an ESS.
  • Items 4, 12, and 18 are special magic arrow items and cannot be equipped to C. The corresponding "Fairy Bow + X" item is equipped instead
  • Eggs never hatch when placed on B
  • Item 255 (Empty) is the default absence of an item that is on B at the beginning of the game, on C-buttons when nothing is equipped, and on inventory slots without an item.
Item Value Chart
0 Deku Stick 0000000000
1 Deku Nut 0100000001
2 Bomb 0200000010
3 Fairy Bow 0300000011Cannot be BA'd normally
4 Fire Arrow (MP2) 0400000100Acts like Fairy Bow + Fire Arrow. Cannot be equipped to C
5 Din's Fire (MP6) 0500000101
6 Fairy Slingshot 0600000110Cannot be BA'd normally
7 Fairy Ocarina 0700000111
8 Ocarina of Time 0800001000
9 Bombchu 0900001001Cannot be BA'd normally
10 Hookshot 0A00001010
11 Longshot 0B00001011
12 Ice Arrow (MP2) 0C00001100Acts like Fairy Bow + Ice Arrow. Cannot be equipped to C
13 Farore's Wind (MP6) 0D00001101
14 Boomerang 0E00001110
15 Lens of Truth 0F00001111
16 Magic Beans 1000010000
17 Megaton Hammer 1100010001
18 Light Arrow (MP4) 1200010010Acts like Fairy Bow + Light Arrow. Cannot be equipped to C
19 Nayru's Love (MP12) 1300010011
20 Empty Bottle 1400010100
21 Red Potion 1500010101
22 Green Potion 1600010110
23 Blue Potion 1700010111
24 Bottled Fairy 1800011000
25 Fish 1900011001
26 Lon Lon Milk 1A00011010
27 Letter 1B00011011
28 Blue Fire 1C00011100
29 Bug 1D00011101
30 Big Poe 1E00011110
31 Lon Lon Milk (Half) 1F00011111
32 Poe 2000100000
33 Weird Egg 2100100001
34 Chicken 2200100010
35 Zelda's Letter 2300100011
36 Keaton Mask 2400100100
37 Skull Mask 2500100101
38 Spooky Mask 2600100110
39 Bunny Hood 2700100111
40 Goron Mask 2800101000
41 Zora Mask 2900101001
42 Gerudo Mask 2A00101010
43 Mask of Truth 2B00101011
44 SOLD OUT 2C00101100Acts like the Master Sword
45 Pocket Egg 2D00101101
46 Pocket Cucco 2E00101110
47 Cojiro 2F00101111
48 Odd Mushroom 3000110000
49 Odd Potion 3100110001
50 Poacher's Saw 3200110010
51 Goron's Sword (Broken) 3300110011
52 Prescription 3400110100
53 Eye Ball Frog 3500110101
54 Eye Drops 3600110110
55 Claim Check 3700110111
56 Fairy Bow + Fire Arrow 3800111000This item is equipped when you try to equip Fire Arrow
57 Fairy Bow + Ice Arrow 3900111001This item is equipped when you try to equip Ice Arrow
58 Fairy Bow + Light Arrow 3A00111010This item is equipped when you try to equip Light Arrow
59 Kokiri Sword 3B00111011When used as an adult, it looks like the Master Sword
60 Master Sword3C00111100When used as a child, it looks like the Kokiri Sword
61 Biggoron Sword / Giant's Knife3D00111101When used as a child, it won't be held correctly but still works
62 Deku Shield 3E00111110Does nothing
63 Hylian Shield 3F00111111Does nothing
64 Mirror Shield 4001000000Crash
65 Kokiri Tunic 4101000001Acts like Eye Drops
66 Goron Tunic 4201000010Crash
67 Zora Tunic 4301000011Freeze
68 Kokiri Boots 4401000100Crash
69 Iron Boots 4501000101Acts like Eye Drops
70 Hover Boots 4601000110Crash
71 Bullet Bag (Holds 30) 4701000111Freeze
72 Bullet Bag (Holds 40) 4801001000Crash
73 Bullet Bag (Holds 50) 4901001001Acts like Eye Drops
74 Quiver (Holds 30) 4A01001010Crash
75 Quiver (Holds 40) 4B01001011Freeze
76 Quiver (Holds 50) 4C01001100Crash
77 Bomb Bag (Holds 20) 4D01001101Acts like Eye Drops
78 Bomb Bag (Holds 30) 4E01001110Crash
79 Bomb Bag (Holds 40) 4F01001111Freeze
80 Goron's Bracelet 5001010000Crash
81 Silver Gauntlets 5101010001Acts like Eye Drops
82 Golden Gauntlets 5201010010Crash
83 Silver Scale 5301010011Freeze
84 Golden Scale 5401010100Crash
85 Giant's Knife (broken) 5501010101Works normally but is held incorrectly as a child
86 Adult's Wallet 5601010110Crash
87 Giant's Wallet 5701010111Freeze
88 Deku Seeds 5801011000Crash
89 Fishing Rod 5901011001Doesn't reel outside of the Fishing Pond; Turns to a deku stick when you pause. Item name is in Japanese
90 Minuet of Forest 5A01011010Crash
91 Bolero of Fire 5B01011011Freeze
92 Serenade of Water 5C01011100Crash
93 Requiem of Spirit 5D01011101Acts like Eye Drops
94 Nocturne of Shadow 5E01011110Crash
95 Prelude of Light 5F01011111Freeze
96 Zelda's Lullaby 6001100000Crash
97 Epona's Song 6101100001Acts like Eye Drops
98 Saria's Song 6201100010Crash
99 Sun's Song 6301100011Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
100 Song of Time 6401100100Crash
101 Song of Storms 6501100101Acts like Eye Drops
102 Forest Medallion 6601100110Crash
103 Fire Medallion 6701100111Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
104 Water Medallion 6801101000Crash
105 Spirit Medallion 6901101001Acts like Eye Drops
106 Shadow Medallion 6A01101010Crash
107 Light Medallion 6B01101011Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
108 Kokiri Emerald 6C01101100Crash
109 Goron's Ruby 6D01101101Acts like Eye Drops
110 Zora's Sapphire 6E01101110Crash
111 Stone of Agony 6F01101111Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
112 Gerudo's Card 7001110000Crash
113 Gold Skulltula 7101110001Acts like Eye Drops
114 Piece of Heart 7201110010Crash
115 JP TEXT: Dungeon Boss's Key (?) 7301110011Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
116 Boss Key 7401110100Crash
117 Compass 7501110101Acts like Eye Drops
118 Dungeon Map 7601110110Crash
119 JP TEXT: Dungeon Boss's Key 7701110111Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
120 JP TEXT: Dungeon Boss's Key 7801111000Crash
121 JP TEXT: Dungeon Boss's Key 7901111001Acts like Eye Drops
122 Biggoron's Sword 7A01111010Crash
123 Blurred Icon/Text7B01111011Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
124 Blurred Icon/Text 7C01111100Crash
125 JP TEXT: Haunted Wasteland 7D01111101Acts like Eye Drops
126 JP TEXT: Gerudo's Fortress 7E01111110Crash
127 JP TEXT: Gerudo's Valley 7F01111111Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
128 JP TEXT: Lake Hylia 8010000000Crash
129 JP TEXT: Lon Lon Ranch 8110000001Acts like Eye Drops
130 JP TEXT: Town From Castle 8210000010Crash
131 JP TEXT: Hyrule Field 8310000011Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
132 JP TEXT: Death Mountain 8410000100Crash
133 JP TEXT: Kakariko Village 8510000101Acts like Eye Drops
134 JP TEXT: Lost Woods 8610000110Crash
135 JP TEXT: Kokiri Forest 8710000111Acts like Lon Lon Milk (Half)
136 JP TEXT: Zora's Domain 8810001000Crash
137 Haunted Wasteland 8910001001Acts like Eye Drops
138 Gerudo Fortress 8A10001010Crash
139 Gerudo Valley 8B10001011Acts like Hookshot
140 Lake Hylia 8C10001100Crash
141 Lon Lon Ranch 8D10001101Acts like Eye Drops
142 Market 8E10001110Crash
143 Hyrule Field 8F10001111Acts like Hookshot
144 Death Mountain 9010010000Crash
145 Kakariko Village 9110010001Acts like Eye Drops
146 Lost Woods 9210010010Crash
147 Kokiri Forest 9310010011Acts like Pocket Cucco
148 Zora's Domain 9410010100Crash
149 Blurred Icon/Text 9510010101Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
150 Blurred Icon/Text 9610010110Crash
151 Blurred Icon/Text 9710010111Freeze
152 Blurred Icon/Text 9810011000Crash
153 Blurred Icon/Text 9910011001Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
154 Blurred Icon/Text 9A10011010Crash
155 Blurred Icon/Text 9B10011011Freeze
156 Blurred Icon/Text 9C10011100Crash
157 Blurred Icon/Text 9D10011101Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
158 Blurred Icon/Text 9E10011110Crash
159 Blurred Icon/Text 9F10011111Freeze
160 Blurred Icon/Text A010100000Crash
161 Blurred Icon/Text A110100001Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
162 Blurred Icon/Text A210100010Crash
163 Blurred Icon/Text A310100011Freeze
164 Blurred Icon/Text A410100100Crash
165 Blurred Icon/Text A510100101Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
166 Blurred Icon/Text A610100110Crash
167 Blurred Icon/Text A710100111Freeze
168 Blurred Icon/Text A810101000Crash
169 Blurred Icon/Text A910101001Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
170 Blurred Icon/Text AA10101010Crash
171 Flashing Pixels / Blurred AB10101011Freeze
172 Flashing Pixels / Blurred AC10101100Crash
173 Flashing Pixels / Blurred AD10101101Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
174 Flashing Pixels / Blurred AE10101110Crash
175 Flashing Pixels / Blurred AF10101111Freeze
176 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B010110000Crash
177 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B110110001Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
178 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B210110010Crash
179 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B310110011Freeze
180 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B410110100Crash
181 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B510110101Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
182 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B610110110Crash
183 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B710110111Freeze
184 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B810111000Crash
185 Flashing Pixels / Blurred B910111001Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
186 Flashing Pixels / Blurred BA10111010Crash
187 Flashing Pixels / Blurred BB10111011Freeze
188 Flashing Pixels / Blurred BC10111100Crash
189 Flashing Pixels / Blurred BD10111101Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
190 Flashing Pixels / Blurred BE10111110Crash
191 Flashing Pixels / Blurred BF10111111Freeze
192 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C011000000Crash
193 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C111000001Acts like Eye Drops (Freeze when you enter a loading zone)
194 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C211000010Crash
195 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C311000011Freeze
196 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C411000100Crash
197 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C511000101Acts like Eye Drops
198 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C611000110Crash
199 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C711000111Freeze
200 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C811001000Crash
201 Flashing Pixels / Blurred C911001001Acts like Eye Drops
202 Flashing Pixels / Blurred CA11001010Crash
203 Flashing Pixels / Blurred CB11001011Freeze
204 Flashing Pixels / Blurred CC11001100Crash
205 Flashing Pixels / Blurred CD11001101Acts like Eye Drops
206 Flashing Pixels / Blurred CE11001110Crash
207 Flashing Pixels / Blurred CF11001111Freeze
208 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D011010000Crash
209 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D111010001Acts like Eye Drops
210 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D211010010Crash
211 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D311010011Freeze
212 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D411010100Crash
213 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D511010101Acts like Eye Drops
214 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D611010110Crash
215 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D711010111Freeze
216 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D811011000Crash
217 Flashing Pixels / Blurred D911011001Acts like Eye Drops
218 Flashing Pixels / Blurred DA11011010Crash
219 Flashing Pixels / Blurred DB11011011Freeze
220 Flashing Pixels / Blurred DC11011100Crash
221 Flashing Pixels / Blurred DD11011101Acts like Eye Drops
222 Flashing Pixels / Blurred DE11011110Crash
223 Flashing Pixels / Blurred DF11011111Freeze
224 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E011100000Crash
225 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E111100001Acts like Eye Drops
226 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E211100010Crash
227 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E311100011Freeze
228 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E411100100Crash
229 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E511100101Acts like Eye Drops
230 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E611100110Crash
231 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E711100111Freeze
232 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E811101000Crash
233 Flashing Pixels / Blurred E911101001Acts like Eye Drops
234 Flashing Pixels / Blurred EA11101010Crash
235 Flashing Pixels / Blurred EB11101011Freeze
236 Flashing Pixels / Blurred EC11101100Crash
237 Flashing Pixels / Blurred ED11101101Acts like Eye Drops
238 Flashing Pixels / Blurred EE11101110Crash
239 Flashing Pixels / Blurred EF11101111Freeze
240 Flashing Pixels / Flat Button F011110000Crash
241 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F111110001Acts like Eye Drops
242 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F211110010Crash
243 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F311110011Freeze
244 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F411110100Crash
245 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F511110101Acts like Eye Drops
246 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F611110110Crash
247 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F711110111Freeze
248 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F811111000Crash
249 Flashing Pixels / No Icon F911111001Acts like Eye Drops
250 Flashing Pixels / No Icon FA11111010Crash
251 Flashing Pixels / No Icon FB11111011Freeze
252 Flashing Pixels / No Icon FC11111100Link pulls out his sword, but cannot swing it or put it away. He keeps it in his hand while swimming
253 Flashing Pixels / No Icon FD11111101Acts like Eye Drops
254 Flashing Pixels / No Icon FE11111110Nothing happens
255 Empty Button FF11111111This makes the button entirely empty. (Default)

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