Entrance Animation Transfer

The Entrance Animation Transfer (EAT) is a glitch that allows you to carry over the animation of exiting a door or location to where your file is saved. Due to there being no collision checks for walls during the animations you can clip through them, saving time in multiple areas.

How to Perform the Trick

To perform the Entrance Animation Transfer you need to meet 2 conditions.

  1. A you enter an area by a door or other similar entrance.
  2. You have not autosaved with a bird statue in the area you wish to perform EAT in.

Once these two conditions are met you need to perform the trick. In steps you must

  1. Obtain an autosave from the bird statue you wish to perform EAT near
  2. Die/Go to the home screen to return to the file select menu
  3. Load your autosave file
  4. Die, and continue

If done correctly you will have successfully performed EAT.

Sky Keep LMF Room Skip

In the Lanayru Mining Facility room in Sky Keep you can perform EAT to skip the entire room.

In order to perform this trick you must - Enter the LMF room WITHOUT getting an autosave from a statue in Sky Keep (You cannot use the skyview room shortcut for convenience as the autosave trigger is completely surrounding the shortcut.

  • Perform the setup shown in the video to get a correct autosave position

  • Die on the spiked fence, quit at the prompt

  • Reload the autosave file

  • Die again (collect arrows), continue at prompt.

  • If done successfully you will have skipped the room, now complete the arrow shooting and you are done.

If you get an autosave elsewhere in Sky Keep it is best to simply do the LMF room as normal, as the trick only saves a total of 12 seconds.

AC OoB clip

The Ancient Cistern has another EAT clip possible. By storing the animation of leaving a pipe you can clip OoB and get to the OoB collision under ancient Cistern, to reach the basement early.

In order to perform this clip you must

  • Exit the pipe from the basement to the upper floors without getting an autosave from a statue.

  • Go the the entrance statue(Spot shown in vid), and die

  • Quit and reload autosave file

  • die again, continue

  • Hold A and swim down left to stay OoB, swim to the OoB ground. Maneuver through the Cistern OoB, climb the rope to reach the basement.

  • Grab BK

Similarly to the LMF room clip, if you get an autosave from a statue it is best to resume the dungeon normally. As this trick saves about 20 seconds.


Here are some backups if you fail EAT in a way

  • If you get an autosave from a statue you must reload your autosave and leave the area you are currently in. From there you must navigate back to the entrance you need for the trick to try it again.

  • If you clip back in bounds after the AC clip you can simply die and try again, if you softlock go to the home menu, reload your autosave, and then die and try again.

Last updated 12/05/2021 – Jasnix08