Faron Woods

Skip First Log Cutscene

This trick is only useful in categories where you run up this log once. If you have to run this way again, and would have to repush the log, this would be slower.

After rescuing Gorko, you can skip the cutscene from pushing the first log by only pushing it twice, getting on top with a jumpslash and then immediately rolling up-left to jump off and grab the ledge to Faron Woods.

This saves 1-2 seconds, depending on whether you grab the ledge with one or two hands. It is often used in Faron Back in Time, since the progress of pushing the log isn't saved in BiT.

Knock Vine Down Early

When chasing Machi from mushroom to mushroom, if you roll into the wall at the bottom right side of the sand slope with the Deku Baba on it, you will knock a vine loose. After finishing talking to Machi you can use that vine to reach the Elder's platform more easily.

Skip the Deep Woods

Discovered by Venick

In the Deep Woods, it is possible to use an Extending Blow on a Bokoblin to skip from the beginning of the woods to the front of Skyview Temple. This skips either the Goddess Cube Warp or going around the Deep Woods the long way. Note that after doing the overhead spin attack, you must hold forward to stay within final blow range of the bokoblin.

This trick saves a significant amount of time compared to the Goddess Cube Warp below; unfortunately, it is quite inconsistent. The distance that the Bokoblin is knocked back varies, meaning that even if the positioning and setup are correct, the Extending Blow trick can still fail. Many runners try Extending Blow once, then use Cube Warp as a backup trick. Other runners just skip the Extending Blow completely and do Cube Warp.

Video Tutorial by Pikastroff
Video Tutorial by gymnast86

Goddess Cube Warp

Discovered by CloudMax

Hitting the Goddess Cube that is next to the Goron will cause Link to warp up to the ledge, skipping about a minute of Deep Woods. This only works in Hero Mode, as the upgraded Skyward Strike is required.

In order to hit the cube, you must lure the Bokoblin that patrols the area into the right position, so that when you attack it with a Skyward Strike, the strike will angle up and hit the cube. Z-target the Bokoblin and lure it to the section of the path that has a slight angle. Move Link to the right hand wall so that the Bokoblin is aligned with Link near the center of the path. Charge a Skyward Strike and use it when the Bokoblin goes to attack you. If the angle was correct, the strike will hit the cube and warp Link up to Gorko.

One setup for this trick is to get the Bokoblin's attention in the shadow below the arch. Then backflip four times and hold right until Link is touching the right hand wall. The Bokoblin should end up in the right position for the Skyward Strike to hit the cube.

Video Tutorial by gymnast86

While the above Extending Blow trick has obsoleted this in one sense, that trick is inconsistent enough that this Cube Warp is still used, either as a backup or in lieu of the Extending Blow.

Note: This only works on this particular Cube, as only this cube has a cutscene that moves Link's position.

Lake Floria Early

Lake Floria Early is a way to get out of bounds in Faron Woods and run to the loading zone for Floria Waterfall.

Method 1 - Fence Hop

Discovered by CloudMax, Getting on Fence by Brickguy360G

Make your way to the fence on the right side of the gate leading to Lake Floria. At the third pillar from the far right side of the fence, you can climb onto the fence using a front hop jumpslash. You can then run back along the fence and jump to an OoB ledge. Now make your way to the Floria Waterfall back entrance.

Tadtones Route

Tadtones Map

Tadtones Map

Written Route

Note: This route assumes you use an Air Potion for the Tadtones.

  1. First, run along the tree and jump off the protrusion on the right to flip the lilypad; grab the single yellow Tadtone that comes out.
  2. Tilt down and left to grab the eight blue Tadtones in a circle.
  3. Continue down and right to get the four pink Tadtones in the Viewing Platform.
  4. Turn right at the end and grab the single red Tadtone.
  5. Continue forward and grab the single blue Tadtone.
  6. Tilt upwards and grab the eight yellow Tadtones near the Kikwi Elder.
  7. Swim straight down and get the four light blue Tadtones circling around.
  8. Swim through the arch and over the ledge to grab the four red Tadtones circling near where Erla was.
  9. Use the Froak on the ledge to blow up the rocks and grab the green Tadtone.
  10. Turn back towards the Kikwi Elder, but grab the two purple Tadtones in the grass.
  11. Grab the eight green Tadtones in the tunnel leading to where Oolo was hiding.
  12. Swim through the gap in the wall to the left and grab the two red Tadtones in the grass.
  13. Swim backwards and grab the sixteen purple Tadtones in a long line.
  14. Swim over the wall to the right and grab the four circling pink Tadtones.
  15. Swim to the tree to get the purple single Tadtone inside from outside the tree.
  16. Swim through the tree roots to grab the four yellow Tadtones.
  17. Continue out of the roots and grab the eight pink Tadtones in a circle.

At the end, drown to deathwarp to the top of the tree.

Video Guide

Unused Strategies

Skip Log Falling Cutscenes

You can skip the log falling cutscenes by doing a well-timed front hop right before the log falls. Because this is only faster if you want to fall down with the log, this is rarely used.

The window for this front hop is one frame if you are holding forward for the hop, and two frames if you tap forward for it.

First Visit: Jump to Skip Machi

Discovered by gymnast86

First, use the rope to get on the higher ledge. With a precise jump forward, it is possible to grab the ledge next to the shortcut log, and gain access to all of Faron without saving Machi.

Because saving Machi is a requirement for obtaining the slingshot, this jump is not useful.

First Visit: Knock Lopsa down early

After defeating the five Bokoblins harassing Lopsa, if you roll into the tree as the first Lopsa cutscene triggers, it will knock him out of the tree immediately. Lopsa will then ask you to help him out of the tree while on the ground, where upon you can talk to him again to trigger the second conversation.

This roll is frame perfect, and saves at most one second, so it is usually not attempted.

First Visit: Early Deep Woods

It is possible to reach the Deep Woods without obtaining the slingshot. After Machi asks you to find the Kikwi Elder, run to the Viewing Platform. Lure the Bokoblin patrolling the lower level to the stairs (either side) and then push it up the stairs. By charging a Skyward Strike at the top of the stairs and hitting the Bokoblin at the right angle, you can hit the vine leading to the Deep Woods.

This trick is not used in speedruns because the Slingshot is required to finish Skyview Temple.

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