The Sky

Isle of Songs Puzzle Solution

While there are many solutions, the fastest solution is as follows:

  • Strike the right gem.
  • Push the central spindle 6 times.
  • Strike the top gem.
  • Push the central spindle 9 times.
  • Strike the right gem.
  • Push the central spindle once to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle Cutscene Skip

Discovered by Pok3monrocks

By sidehopping as you complete the Isle of Songs Puzzle, you can skip the cutscene that plays when you solve the puzzle, thereby saving 3-4 seconds.

Spiral Charge route

Route by Nimzo9

The route below is the fastest known route for spiral charge, able to get a time of 76 seconds remaining.

Bug Heaven route

The Bug Wrangler mode of Bug Heaven is required during 100% runs. The following route, if done perfectly, can get times under 50 seconds, and can be consistently done in under a minute.

  • Run to the right at the start and swing across the water.
  • Catch the Gerudo Dragonfly at the bottom of the slope.
  • Run up the slope and catch the Eldin Roller at the top.
  • Catch the Sand Cicada on the tree ahead.
  • Run back around the circle the other way and catch the Lanayru Ant.
  • Continue around the circle and break the rightmost pot.
  • Catch the Skyloft Mantis that emerges.
  • Jump into the middle area and drop down the hole.
  • Roll through the web and catch the Eldin Roller.
  • Break the pots on the right side of this room.
  • Catch the Faron Grasshopper that emerges.
  • Roll through the web and catch the Woodland Rhino Beetle on the right pillar.
  • Run up the stairs at the other end.
  • Continue along the path (there's a backup Eldin Roller here).
  • Catch the Blessed Butterfly.
  • Run through the grass and catch the Faron Grasshopper to finish.

Fun Fun Island strategy

To increase your odds in the Fun Fun Island minigame, use the following strategy. As you pass through the final ring, find your target spot on the circle below you. Treating the board as a clock, aim for the spot three hours later on a clock. Then make adjustments as you come in to land.

For example: as you pass through the last ring, the 50 rupee space is at the top of the circle (12 o'clock). Aim for the right side of the circle (3 o'clock), and then make adjustments from there.

For the adjustments, when you are skydiving the more you move left and right, the faster you will fall. So if you have to move a lot to reach your target area, you won't have to make many adjustments. However, if you don't have to move at all to reach your target, then you'll have to make more adjustments as you fall.

Last updated 07/21/2021 – gymnast86