Sky Keep

Sliding Puzzle Solution

Solution by Bob_LobLaw_Law

By using the appropriate routing, you can skip the Earth Temple room in Sky Keep. For the puzzle directions below, the direction indicates which block you should move into the blank spot. So R means take the block to the left of the empty spot and move it to the right.

Step 1: Main Room Control Panel

This puzzle takes 16 moves, as follows:

  • D R D | L U R | D R U | L L D | R U R | U

Once the rooms have shifted, proceed through the door. Clear the Skyview Temple room and make your way through the Lanayru Mining Facility Room to the control panel there.

Step 2: Lanayru Mining Facility Room Control Panel

This puzzle takes 2 moves, as follows:

  • L D

Once the room has shifted, proceed through the same door that you entered the room. Back track through the Skyview Temple room and enter the Fire Sanctuary room. Grab the Triforce of Power and exit back to the Entrance room.

Step 3: Main Room Control Panel

This puzzle takes 12 moves, as follows:

  • D R U | L D L | U U R | D L U

Once the room has shifted, proceed through the door and get the Triforce of Wisdom from the Sandship room. Return to the Entrance room.

Step 4: Main Room Control Panel

This puzzle takes 7 moves, as follows:

  • R D D | R U L | D

Once the room has shifted, run through the Skyview Room to Dreadfuse's room. Defeat him for the small key, and run through to the Cistern Room to get the Triforce of Courage.

Puzzle Reset

Only on the 1.0 version

On the 1.0 version, autosaves don't save the Sky Keep puzzle layout properly. This can be abused by doing the following :

  • Save at a statue normally to save a puzzle layout. Skip this step if you want to reset to the default layout with this glitch.
  • Trigger an autosave at a statue, then die.
  • You will respawn where you autosaved but with the previously saved puzzle layout (the default layout if you skipped step 1).

This trick was patched on later versions.

Entrance Gate Cutscene Skip

Discovered by Deesh

By calling fi frame perfectly after opening the map chest, it is possible to skip the gate opening cutscene and the other fi text afterwards.

Precise Shots in Skyview Room

In the first room, you can skip using the Beetle to knock the rope loose by using a precise bow shot.

You can also skip the first rotating vine drum by standing in a specific spot and shooting the Clawshots directly to the second rotating vine drum.

As an additional timesaver, you can also backflip right as you shoot the rope to skip its cutscene.

Skip Half of the LMF Room

Discovered by SVA

By exploiting a bug in the autosaving system, it's possible to have Link jump through the wall near the save statue and skip half of the LMF room. To perform this exploit:

  • Enter Sky Keep from the entrance
  • Avoid autosaving at any statues (if you happen to accidentally autosave, you must reload the autosave)
  • Autosave at the LMF statue near the wall that's behind it (positioning is important for this, follow what the video below does and see the note below)
  • Die and return to the title screen (without autosaving)
  • Reload the autosave
  • Die again (without autosaving)

If Link's position during the autosave was correct, then he will jump through the wall to the other side. If he was positioned too far right or too far back he may fall down into the floor below the room.

Note: Link's angle that he has when respawning from the autosave depends on his direction of momentum when the autosave begins. So if you side-walk into an autosave, Link will be facing the direction he was moving during the side-walk and not the angle he was otherwise facing. However, since autosaves can only happen when Link is grounded, you can autosave at Link's actual facing angle by sidehopping, jumpslashing, or backflipping into an autosave as the video below does.

Hitting the Eyes in LMF Room

Discovered by Venick

In the LMF Room, it is possible to hit all six eye targets behind their grating without using the timeshift orb. These shots skip having to use the Gust Bellows and bringing the timeshift orb with you through most of the room.

Video demonstration

The First Eye

After entering the area, run down to the lower level, stand underneath the target just to the left of the rupee-shaped texture on the wall, and shoot upwards.

The Remaining Eyes

The Left Eye

After jumping past the gap where the wind platform would end up, backflip into the left corner and aim in the center of the left most eye to hit it.

The Right and Center-Right Eyes

Stand in the back-left corner after entering the area with the main conveyor belt and aim slightly right of center for both the Center-Right and Right eye switches.

The Center Eye

Stand in the right corner created by the iron bars which block the puzzle table and aim slightly left of center at the Center eye switch.

The Center-Left Eye

Stand in the left corner created by the iron bars which block the puzzle table and aim slightly left of center and as far down as possible (such that the arrow shot still clears the wall below the target) to hit the Center-Left eye switch.

Vine Clip to skip Sanctuary Room

Originally Discovered by PewableShift

When you enter the Fire Sanctuary room containing the Triforce of Power, clip though the vine at the top of the wall with a Clawshot Vineclip. You will land past the closed iron bars that are meant to serve as an exit from the room after getting the Triforce of Power.

Tutorial by gymnast86

Bow Shot in Sandship Room

Discovered by ZFG

It is possible to hit the first bow switch while standing on the dirt patch located in the center of the room.

Dreadfuse Strategies

The strategies for Dreadfuse are exactly the same as those for Scervo in the Sandship; see that page for details. The only difference between the two is that Dreadfuse is shinier and left-handed.

Stalmaster Strategies

Because Stalmaster operates on a one hit = one damage principle, the strategies here are the same as the strategy for the Stalmaster in Ancient Cistern; see that page for details.

Killing Zombie Bokoblins

Faster method due to GreenUprooter

The fastest way to kill the Zombie Bokoblins that spawn is to fight the Stalmaster normally until they close in, then plant a bomb and slash it with your sword, killing the bokoblins while damaging yourself.

A slightly safer and slower method is to place a bomb at the very start of the fight without moving. When the Stalmaster begins to attack, shield bash if necessary and back away, letting the Zombie Bokoblins converge on the bomb; it should explode, killing all the Bokoblins and stunning the Stalmaster. You can then finish phase one in two rounds as usual.

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