Clawshot Vineclipping

Discovered by Kazooie & Akheon


Clawshot vineclipping allows you to clip through a vine with the use of your clawshot and a damage source. The clip is done by shooting onto a vine when you are standing on the ground next to it and being damaged when Link goes through the vines on his way to where the end of the clawshot is grabbing.

How To

Place down a bomb near where the vines are that will send Link in the desired clipping direction when it explodes. Stand on the left side of a vine along the wall with Link's left arm against it. Pull out the clawshot and aim toward the vine with an angle of approximately 10-45 degrees. Aim so that Link travels along a clawshot line that you want to clip during. Shoot the clawshot between the 7th and 8th red flashes of the bomb and you will clip through the vines as the bomb interrupts Link travelling to where his clawshot is grabbing.


In most places, clipping through a vine wall will lead to an OoB void, putting you back at the vine wall where you started. However, there is one notable use in Skykeep, for skipping the nearly all of the Fire Sanctuary room.

Last updated 07/25/2021 – Deesh