Tracy Boost

A Tracy Boost is done by dying after a jump with the Roc's Feather and then reviving on top of a ledge using Tracy's Medicine.

With a Fox

A Fox can push Link around during his death animation, meaning we can use a Fox to gain extra height. This is the main method of Tracy Boosting. You'll need to lure one of the three Foxes from Mabe Village to the area you want to perform the technique by hitting it with your sword over and over.

  1. Lose health until Link has at most 2 (or 4, if playing on hero mode) hearts remaining.
  2. Align the Fox in front of Link.
  3. Place a bomb.
  4. Slash the Fox on the fourth flash of the bomb.
  5. Immediately jump towards the ledge you wish to clip onto.

The bomb should explode, killing Link, and the Fox should then push Link on top of the ledge during Link's death animation. Link will revive with Tracy's Medicine and be on top of the ledge.

Tips for the Fox

  1. When you attack the Fox, it will pounce at Link, dealing half a heart of damage if it hits. This is useful for getting your health low to perform the technique.
  2. Use Roc's Feather to dodge the Fox's attack in instances where you don't want to take any damage. Blocking the attack with your shield also works.
  3. The Fox will run directly towards Mabe Village after about 4 seconds of inactivity. To prevent this, you can attack the Fox, or talk to it. Talking to it allows you to keep it in its current spot.
  4. If you need to get the Fox down a ladder, get the Fox as close as possible to the top of it, then hit the fox, quickly move closer to it, then block its attack with your shield to bounce the fox back.
  5. It is possible to make the Fox jump very high, getting it on ledges that Link needs to use a ladder to climb. After being attacked the Fox will lunge directly at Link in 3D space, meaning if Link is directly above the Fox, it will lunge directly up.


Without a Fox

This variant of the glitch allows getting on top of very low height ledges.

  1. Lose health until Link has at most 2 (or 4, if playing on hero mode) hearts remaining.
  2. Place a bomb.
  3. Jump towards the ledge on the sixth flash of the bomb.
Last updated 09/23/2020 – EDL666