Note that the most damage Link can ever deal in a single hit is 3.

  • Regular Slash (Standard Sword): 1 Damage
  • Spin Slash (Standard Sword): 2 Damage
  • Regular Slash (Koholint Sword OR Red Tunic): 2 Damage
  • Spin Slash (Koholint Sowrd OR Red Tunic): 3 Damage
  • Regular Slash (Koholint Sword AND Red Tunic): 3 Damage
  • Spin Slash ( Koholint Sword AND Red Tunic): 3 Damage
  • Thrown Object: 2 Damage
  • Magic Powder: 2 Damage
  • Bomb: 2 Damage
  • Bow: 2 Damage*
  • Magic Rod: 1 Damage
  • Boomerang: 1 Damage**

*Lots of enemies have a resistance to arrows, such as Wizzrobes (2 arrows to kill despite having 2 health) and Pol's Voices (4 arrows to kill despite having 4 health). Bomb arrows do not deal any additional damage.

**The Boomerang is a weird case, where it will one-shot plenty of enemies while only doing 1 damage to others.

Double Spin Slash

Positioning an enemy on Link's left side (near his sword-hand when holding a spin charge) lets you hit it twice with one spin slash. This is useful for many boss quick-kills, such as on Genie and Ganon.

Last updated 10/21/2019 – Vespher