Hinox Warp

A Hinox Warp (HW), previously known as Super Hinox Throw, is a glitch that happens when Link's grabbed state is overridden with a different state, for example taking damage. This causes a strange interaction where Link ends up warping multiple times around the map until the Hinox "throws" him, at which point in time the warping stops and Link will be thrown from his current position. It can be used to effectively teleport through dungeons. This glitch is very difficult to control and is nearly useless without a proper setup.

How it works

We know very little about how it works exactly, but we have conclusive evidence to make some educated guesses:

  1. The trick is eerily consistent, too much to be random.
  2. Link's EXACT floating point coordinates when the glitch is triggered have an effect on the result, the effect could be minimal, like for D8 Skip, but also could be massive, like for D7 Skip.
  3. It appears like using pits to override the grabbed state makes the trick even more consistent, see D2 HW.
  4. The Hinox will rotate if it's too close to the wall as to face away from it before throwing, this extends the duration of the trick, resulting in wildly different locations. Unfortunately the actual rotation seems to be random and each direction takes different amounts of time, which introduces an RNG element to the trick, see D2 HW.
  5. Dying upon triggering the trick and reviving with medicine 'cause Link to be warping for the entire duration of the death animation and revive until the Hinox "throws" post revive, see D7 Skip.

Speedrun uses: D8 Skip, D7 Skip and D2 HW, this list is incomplete and will be updated in the future.

Here's a documentary video that covers them in a more extensive way:

Last updated 04/20/2021 – EDL666