Angler Key Skip

It is possible to get into Dungeon 4 without the Angler Key by using a Tracy Boost. Boost onto the angler keyhole and then walk off the ledge into the waterfall. The entire lower section of the waterfall does not have any collision, meaning you are free to move as if it wasn't there. This skips the Marin beach date, the walrus cutscene, and the Lanmola fight.

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Waterfall Skip

If you do Angler Key Skip, you won't be able to easily make it to Eastern Tal Tal Heights and Dungeon 7 due to the waterfall blocking your path. You'll need to get around that waterfall if you want to make it to those areas.

  1. Do a noclip from the ladder leading to the Wind Fish egg.
  2. Navigate to the out-of-bounds mountains in the background.
  3. Make your way to the right side of the Wind Fish Egg.
  4. Use a pegasus dash jump to get back in-bounds on the upper area that leads to the ladder on the other side of the waterfall.

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Last updated 10/25/2019 – Vespher