Link's Awakening has an auto-save feature that automatically saves your game after every significant event, such as opening a chest, picking up a small key, opening a locked door, etc. You can see the auto-save icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to know exactly when an autosave occurs.

From the pause menu, we can load this auto-save to save movement time.

  • In dungeons, an autoload will take you to the dungeon entrance. It will also set any red/blue switches to the default color, red - meaning blue tiles up.
    • Autoloading is 5 seconds faster than playing Manbo's Mambo to warp back to the entrance of a dungeon. Mambo's Mambo will not reset a dungeon's red/blue switches.
  • In caves, an autoload will take you to the entrance from which you entered the cave.
  • Autoloading has no significant or useful effect in the overworld.
Last updated 10/15/2019 – Vespher