Bottle Grotto (D2)

Quick Stalfos Key with Arrows

For this key, one can quickly kill the two Stalfos with arrows.

Block Switch Blue-to-Blue toggle

Doing a jump attack and holding the sword button as Link lands will make the block switch toggle back and forth quickly. This can be used to speed up the movement to the key here.

Nightmare Door Jump

With a precise jump, one can skip crossing the bridge to the nightmare door.

Evil Genie

After breaking the bottle, charge your sword and wait for the genie to re-appear and do his attack. Make sure to wait in the middle of the room while this happens, as standing in the area where the genie might spawn will delay when he spawns until you move. After he appears, take the hit from his fireball and release your spin attack, then quickly get two sword slashes in before he starts spinning around again. Perform the same strategy for the second time he respawns and he should die on this cycle.

Last updated 10/21/2019 – Vespher