Flame Skip

This trick uses the rooster to get to Dungeon 8 without going through the flame cave, skipping the need for the Mirror Shield. It makes use of the invisible walls that exist on top of the overworld wall tiles to jump up to a ledge that is normally used for dropping down from the dungeon. It is done at the ladder directly below the entrance to Dungeon 8 and west of the swamp.

  1. Perform an Air climb on the ladder.
  2. Near the top of the invisible ladder climb, hold up-right and jump with Roc's Feather.
  3. After moving up-right for a very short amount of time (a quarter of a second), switch to holding right.
  4. When you're above the corner tile, throw the rooster to land on top of the invisible wall.
  5. Immediately after landing, jump up to the ledge with Roc's Feather.(If you're a little off, it might be possible for you to slide from the top of the invisible wall to the ledge by wiggling a little away from the wall and holding up)
Last updated 09/20/2020 – EDL666