Flippers Skip

Using Boss Door Clipping and the Ocarina Glitch, it is possible to skip the Flippers, saving about 1:30 minutes in the Any% run.

Magical Boomerang

Since you don't have the Lantern when entering Temple of Droplets, you will first have to acquire the Magical Boomerang to perform Boss Door Clipping.

To obtain the Magical Boomerang, you have to do the four Tingle Brother fusions:
- Tingle in South Hyrule Field, GP required (fuse AND talk to him afterwards to fully activate the quest)
- Knuckle in Trilby Highlands, GE required
- Ankle in Lon Lon Ranch, G> required
- David Jr. in Lake Hylia, GP required

These fusions will open up the trees in North Hyrule Field, allowing you to open the chest and obtain the Magical Boomerang.

Obtaining Kinstones for the Magical Boomerang Quest

See the page for various manipulations for kinstones in any%

Entering Temple of Droplets

Since the entrance to Temple of Droplets can normally not be reached without the Flippers, you have to activate the Ocarina Glitch off of the house on the top-left side of Lake Hylia to walk over the water instead.

To open the door, you can either:

use Yadra's setup

or Ezlo Buffer to a specific bomb frame.

Temple of Droplets Blue Warp Room Early

In order to skip all rooms with water in Temple of Droplets, you can use Boss Door Clipping and the Ocarina Glitch to gain access to the Blue Warp Room Early.

After obtaining the Boss Key, save+quit and activate the Ocarina Glitch. Go back to the beginning of the dungeon and use the Magical Boomerang to clip past the Boss Door. In order to correctly clip upwards after triggering the screen transition on the right, you will need the correct sub-pixels:

  • After clipping past the Boss Door, roll to the right 3 times
  • Roll up against the wall and use the Cane of Pacci to check the sub-pixels (use the video for reference)
  • Should you not have the correct sub-pixels, walk down a tiny bit and roll up against the wall one more time, use the Cane of Pacci to check the sub-pixels
  • Walk to the right and pause immediately after the screen transition to clip onto the wall
  • Walk left, up, right and jump down into the Blue Warp Room


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