Blue Rupee Manip

This manipulation is useful in both any% and glitchless speedruns to buy the Grip Ring.

1 Blue Rupee

Reproduction steps:

  • Reset
  • Mash through text
  • Go down stairs without rolling
  • Roll twice in room with table
  • Mash through text
  • Open 20r chest
  • Pick up and throw a pot
  • If you decide to do the single blue rupee manip, the rupees in Mt. Crenel are required.

    4 Blue Rupees

    Reproduction steps:

  • Same as the single rupee manip
  • After collecting the first blue rupee, roll 5 times
  • Pick up and throw the other pot
  • Leave and reenter the room
  • Pick up and throw both pots quickly
  • Last updated 07/10/2019 – quo