Gap Skip

This technique allows you to cross certain gaps, especially those you cannot do Formation Hovers on. There are two types to differentiate:

Wall-less Gap Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

This version does not require any boundaries, but successful usage of this trick is very limited due to two factors to consider:

1) The gap's width may not surpass 5 tiles

2) You can only cross downwards or to the right.

Setup: Pick up Green with any Link (preferably Red though, since it is the fastest way) and throw him to the right, or downwards.

While Green is midair, hold C-Right (for crossing to the right) or C-Down (for crossing downwards) to call the other Links to Green and perform a well timed Jump Slash to add even more momentum.

If done correctly, Purple should touch the other side, but then drops down with the others. Press X to avoid the reuniting effect, and watch how Purple will respawn on the other side of the gap.

Wall-restricted Gap Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

This technique does not include the Jump Slash trick, instead the Links simply "roll over a gap". It is limited to gaps that have walls to their right, or at the bottom.

Setup for crossing horizontally:

Stay close to the ledge, in C-Down formation. Then pick up Green with Red, but dont change Red's position. Throw Green towards the gap, and hold C-Down when Green is midair, so the others will be dragged onto the gap as well. Now mash R until you see Green touching the other side, or if only Purple makes it, let him drop down and press X to interrupt the reuniting effect.

Setup for crossing vertically:

Works analogously, just replace C-Down with C-Right. There is also a method that uses C-Up, but has questionable consistency (maybe?).

This example demonstrates the Wall-less and Wall-restricted versions:

Last updated 01/30/2018 – Yadra121