Level 6 - The Desert of Doubt

Desert of Doubt (6-1)

Entering Pyramid faster

Discovered by Yadra121

Note: This does not save much time, but looks cool, so it is obligatory.

  1. Get into C-Down formation.
  2. Push against the upper pyramid.
  3. As soon as the Links are in "pushing animation", press C-Right and then the analog stick down.


Block Maze Skip

Enter the cave with only one Link and do a jumpslash to the left to despawn the blocks for a short moment

L2-Pegasus Boots Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

Through heavy FLG usage, as well as a number of other clever tricks, it is possible to completely skip the L2 Pegasus Boots in this level:

  1. On the fifth screen (with the four Shadow Links) jumpslash into one of the cacti and keep moving afterwards. This will activate a mild form of FLG, allowing you to walk over the quicksand to the next screen. Note: It is important that you do not walk over the pit located in center of the quicksand. As always, FLG does not allow you to walk over such pits.

  2. On the next screen, do a jumpslash off of a cactus again to activate FLG and get past the quicksand.

  3. On the next screen, grab a rock with any of the Links other than Green (Red is usually preferred), and take it with you to the next screen with the vultures. Activate FLG using the Pegasus Boots to get over to the spring. Optionally, you can pick up another rock to perform FLG on the next screen.
  4. On the cactus maze screen, either get FLG off recoil or use the rock from the prior screen.
  5. On the next screen get along the right wall above the bit that juts out and get into C-Down formation. Walk a bit down until Purple falls into the hole, and once he respawns (should be on the other side of the hole at this point) jumpslash and switch to him to grab a rock and get some gems. (If Purple does not spawn correctly, reenter the screen and try again)

Now pick up a rock, switch to Green, and activate another FLG using the Pegasus Boots. From here walk down to the lower left portion of the screen.

Switches Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

Though skipping the switches on this screen is not required in order to skip the L2 Pegasus Boots, it still saves quite a bit of time and is used in conjunction with the L2 skip:

  1. Use the bomb to enter the cave.
  2. Get Jump Storage off the right(!) ledge and exit the cave.
  3. After you exit the cave, switch* to one of the jumping Links and walk up to the Shadow Link fight.

Note: Non-Japanese versions of the game have a really small window to switch to other Links, which makes this trick very difficult and dangerous as getting OoB in this state will cause a softlock.


Desert Temple (6-2)

Keyblock Skip

Discovered by Yadra121, Setup by Zmaster91

Instead of using the key to gain access to the switch to open the door, it is possible to step on it by using precise Enemy Clippping.

  1. Position the Links in C-Up formation in the lower left corner
  2. Switch to Blue and place Green where Blue was
  3. Use the hammer to flip around the blue Turtle that should be nearby
  4. Use sword pokes to move the turtle where Purple sits (the turtle should clip into Purple)
  5. Switch to Purple and simply press C-left

Note: This trick is very precise and sometimes it is impossible to get the turtle into the correct spot. It can also happen that Purple gets pushed away. Adjusted gem route can be taken from the IL below.


Gohma Time Saver

Discovered by Yadra121

Instead of using the bow to shoot Gohma in three cycles, you can simply throw a Link or pots twice.


Pyramid (6-3)

Deathless Bombs Early

Discovered by Yadra121

Follow the video's instructions.


Obsoleted Tricks

Bombs Early

Discovered by Zmaster91

Note: The deathless method is faster and easier. A major sequence break that allows skipping the Pegasus Boots.

The concept is the same as for 2-3 Lamp Skip, however this time it is required to use Enemy Clipping to drag Red into a wall.

  1. Get Zombie Storage (Nova Bomb room)
  2. Obtain the Slingshot
  3. On the screen with the chests, lure the enemy next to the left torch above the locked door.
  4. You need to have a 3/4 heart or less health when you stun it
  5. Stun the enemy while the Links are on the same tile
  6. Move the Links to the positions shown in the video
  7. Switch to Green, stun the enemy and follow the video (Basically a setup to know when to reunite. If you reunite too early, the Links cannot get hurt, if you reunite too late, Red won't clip)
  8. If done correctly, Red should have been dragged into the wall and died
  9. Move Red to the other side and press X once Green clips out
  10. Obtain the bombs and use a Nova Bomb to quickly kill Green


L2 Pegasus Boots Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

Bombs Early makes this obsolete

This skip changes several segments in this stage:

  1. Once you obtain the Pegasus Boots, ignore the Fairy and enter the room with the two rows of trap doors. Position a Link exactly between those trap doors, then simply dash to the right and get the moon pearl.
  2. Enter the Moon Portal and perform a Wall-less Gap Skip to cross the first gap.
  3. For the second gap, do a Wall-less Formation Hover downwards, and when you are close to the ledge, switch to C-Right (Pause Buffer recommended), stick to the right wall and get onto the ground as if it was a normal vertical hover.
  4. In the room with the movable platform objects, do a Wall-less Gap Skip to pass the first gap, and then simply throw a Link over the smaller gaps.


Last updated 07/24/2019 – Zmaster91