Formation Menu Clipping

This technique allows the Links to clip into, and even through, actors and tiles. However, it does only work with tiles under special circumstances. Examples for actors are NPC, movable objects like blocks, and Gem Barriers.

By consecutively calling and cancelling the Formation Menu while non Green Links are reuniting with Green, they can clip in, and through said objects. As so often when it comes to tricks relying on formations, the environment decides whether this trick can be applied or not.

Depending on the situation, the setup varies, but this explains the basic idea:

  1. Place the non Green Links so that when you reunite with Green, they get dragged towards the object you want to clip in
  2. To reunite press Y once (L works as well, but not recommended...)
  3. Pressing Y again will call the formation menu (This must be done before the reuniting Links touch the actor object you want to clip in or else they will respawn next to Green!)
  4. Press B to cancel the menu and immediately press Y to call it again
  5. Repeat step 4 until you clipped far enough into the object (if the Links respawn next to Green, it means you were too slow, if they don't move at all, you were too fast)
  6. You can use a C-Formation to move the clipped Links out of the actor and into a desired spot. However, this only works if the clipping Links are close enough to Green.

Example: Skipping the electric barrier in 8-3:

Similar concept, just a lot more difficult:

In connection with OoB:

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