Level 7 - Frozen Hyrule

Frozen Hyrule (7-1)

Early Bracelet

Discovered by Yadra121

Please follow this video for instructions.


Snow Wall Skip

Using FMC to consecutively clip ~10 times, it is possible to clip through the Snow Wall, skipping the Firerod completely.

Jewel Fight Skip

Discovered by Yadra121
  1. Do an Ice Transition to clip into the left wall as you enter the fight. For that, roll left or down-left with Green.
  2. Hold C-down and roll to the left. This will throw the medallion, which unlocks the screen.
  3. Switch to Red who is still stuck in the wall, hold C-down and roll to the left again.
  4. Now all Links should be free and you can squeeze non active Links into the small openings to move upwards.


The Ice Temple (7-2)

Faster Skull Room

Discovered by Yadra121

To obtain the Firerod, you must destroy all skulls in this room. Instead of using bombs, you can also simply walk over them to make them shatter.

To get the Links onto the ice platform, cross the room with Green and then reunite. As the Links float over the ice, press X to interrupt the process. Then switch to the Link(s) on the ice and destroy the skulls.

Note: You must be very careful with the movement since falling down most likely results in a very bad, unfinished skull pattern that requires timed bomb throws. For a quick direction change, rolling helps. Ice Physics in this game...


L2 Fire Rod Skip

Discovered by Yadra121

In the room with the ?-Platforms, you can do a Gap Skip to get pass the first gap to the right

The second gap (upwards) must be crossed with a Wall-restricted Gap Skip.

  1. First align on the right wall with c-up.
  2. Switch to red and pick up green without moving too much.
  3. Throw green upwards and reunite with c-right.
  4. Keep on rolling until purple grabs and throws a pot. You can stop after purple appears to roll on the ground above.
  5. After purple respawns from falling, he should be on the other side.

If purple does not make it over, have him grab a pot from the lower-right corner and try the same thing again. If there are no pots left, it is usually best to reset the room. To spawn at the entrance, hold c-right against the bottom wall and fall into the pit. One of the links should spawn back at the entrance.

A consequence from skipping the upgrade is that you have to step on 5 switches at the same time. This is possible by turning rapidly between two switches.
Using Green for that makes it much easier.

Obsoleted Tricks

Block Room Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91/Yadra121

Usually one must cross the room with those colored blocks to get access to the Fairy. However, this room can be entirely skipped by performing this trick on the screen before.

Drop the Links near the ice block at the entrance, then cross the room with Green and position him next to the torch. Reunite with C-Right and then press X as Red is floating over solid ground. You want at least Purple to drop down the pit and respawn at the door to exit the room quicker.


Tower of Winds (7-3)

Slingshot Skip

Discovered by ?

It is not necessary to ever obtain the slingshot here, since you only need it once to hit the switches, and this can be done by doing a jump slash off the moving platform.

Last updated 07/24/2019 – Zmaster91