Hyrule Castle

Fast Guard Escape Sequence

Part 1: This phase depends on the top guards movement. If he stays still you can simply roll across and distract the guard from the right. Once Zelda leaves the screen simply lead her to the exit

Part 2: While rolling or jumping off the ledge call Zelda to make her follow you. Move link to the in the video, then wait for Zelda to get close to the guards range to be caught. Draw Zelda a line downwards and move to the other side to avoid her getting caught. Continue moving her downwards until you reach the second guard. Distract the guard so he is only viewing downwards. Sneak Zelda Behind him and keep progressing. For the final guard throw a rock to distract him and lead Zelda past him. Call Zelda then lead Zelda to the goal.

Note: If the top guard moves it is faster to get caught and see if he moves again. This is faster then trying to back up the escape sequence if he moves.

Escape the Sword Tutorial Early

By doing a precise roll during the final phase of the sword tutorial you can escape early.

In order to make the trick work you need to spin attack the bottom guard last. If done properly this trick saves around 15s as it also skips a Zelda text trigger outside the room.

Last updated 08/10/2021 – Jasnix08