Damages and HPs

Credits to Karaage for this information!



Basic attack: 4
Jump Slash: 6
Spin attack: 8
Lokomo Sword: +2


Bomb: 12
Whip: 2
Arrow: 8
Light Arrow: 12

It seems like only 1 entity can deal damages at the same time, and seems to be the strongest. If you spin attack a bomb, the enemy will only receive the damages from the bomb and not the spin attack.

Boss HP

Stagnox: 48+48 (1)
Geozard: 36
Fraaz: 32+32+16 (2)
Geozard Chief: 36
Big Blin: 50 (3)
Phytops: 64 (4)
Snapper: 50
Cragma: 16 (3),(5)
Byrne: 48+40
Skeldritch: 45
Beast Malladus: 80 (6)

(1): You can maximum deal 24 damages at a turn. The excessive damage will invalidate that attack itself.
(2): In 3rd phase, the damage value of all attacks is 4.
(3): It is calculated by attack number. No matter what kind of attack you give, the damage value is 1.
(4): When the cumulative damage reaches 32, your turn is forced to end. The excessive damage is truncated. (But that attack is valid.)
(5): You can maximum deal 8 damages at a turn.
(6): Each horn's HP is 40.

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