Tower of Spirits

4th visit

13th floor

Small key skip

A PDF guide written by ToadsWoot can be found here.

15th floor

Left side puzzle shortcut

It is possible to shortcut the left-size puzzle using two different methods.

1st method

2nd method

5th visit

18th floor

Big Block Puzzle Skip

Using a block clip, it is possible to climb on the wall next to the small key chest and grab the key.

6th visit

26th floor

Wrecker Phantom Skip

Warp Phantom Skip

By blowing Zelda over the sand it gives enough time to equip the sand rod and save her from sinking. From there simply grab the arrow pod and resume the puzzle as normal.

This trick allows you to skip grabbing the warp phantom after completing the wrecker part of the room. Along with Wrecker Phantom Skip you can complete the entire floor 26 with just the torch phantom, saving more then a minute.

Last updated 10/21/2021 – Jasnix08