Rolling is the fastest form of movement when controlling link. Rolling will lock you out of slashing your sword, and using items during the rolls duration. If you do 4 consecutive rolls link will become dizzy and be uncontrol able for a couple of second. Most general movement involves rolling 3 times, walking for a bit, then do 3 rolls again.

Dizzy Cancelling

If link rolls 4 times he will always be put into a dizzy state. This state can be interrupted or replaced with another animation. Things that can cancel the dizzy animation are, Rolling into Cutscene triggers, Taking damage(During or before the dizzy), Bonking into a tree, Jumping off of a ledge (Not rolling off specifically the animation of jumping), Hitting switches that causes a Cutscene to play, Picking up items (Tears or light or treasures).

While these actions will cancel the dizzying animation rolling immediately afterwards will result in a dizzy. You still will have to wait for the roll timer to refresh.

Dizzy state

While in the dizzy state you are locked out of most options. You lack the ability to enter loading zones, open treasure chests, move in any form, pick up objects, use items, access the menu screen, slash your sword, and defend with your shield.


Walking is the standard way of movement when controlling link. While walking you can use all items and use your sword freely. Walking is also the form of movement link uses when holding an object.

Hero's Spin

Link while performing the hero spin can move at the fastest possible movement speed when controlling link. Unfortunately in order to begin the hero's spin you need to perform 2 full spin attacks, when the spin finishes you are put into the dizzy state. This makes the hero's spin slower then just rolling to your destination.

Train Movement

Train movement is simple, you always want to be on the highest speed notch the entire trip.


When transporting a passenger you should never slow down at speed signs. Either make the passenger angry or take another route to your destination.

Dark trains

Dark trains move at a higher speed then your train can in the overworld. When being chased by one you have to rely on cannon shots or hope your destination is close enough to escape them. Armored trains move very slightly faster then your train can as well. The cannon can temporarily freeze these trains when following you.

Dark realm

In the dark realm your train goes significantly faster then normal. While you have faster speed the armored trains do as well and cannot be out sped with your non tear of light speed. When you honk the horn with a tear of light you have a incredible boost of speed and can outspeed every armored train in the dark realm.

Phantom Zelda

Phantom Zelda is your companion in the Tower Of Spirits. Zelda has a very slow walking speed compared to link when rolling. Phantom Zelda will move when 1 of the 2 main movement options are used. Calling Zelda will make her follow you, and you can draw a path for Zelda to follow.

Calling Zelda

Calling Zelda is the main form of Zelda movement you will use in the speedrun. When called Zelda will move towards links position following the paths he took. Due to not needing to draw a path calling is used whenever you need Zelda to follow you.

Drawing Lines

Drawing lines for Zelda is useful whenever you need Zelda to move into a specific spot or when link can not lead her. Whenever moving Zelda a short distance you want to draw short lines repeatedly instead of one long line to the destination. Once you have obtained the Whip you can hit Zelda to speed up her movement drastically.


When using a warp phantom Zelda can warp to any Phantom Eye in the room. This is used primarily for puzzles but can help eliminating backtracking in certain rooms.

Wrecker phantoms

When Zelda takes over a Wrecker Phantom some movement changes. First you should not use short lines when guiding Zelda, due to the startup of her rolls being slow you want to always draw a long line. Whipping Zelda while she is in a Wrecker form will have no effect of her speed.


When Zelda is forced to go down a long stretch of land it is fastest to use the whirlwind and some very precise movements to blow her across the room. Due to the difficulty and low timesave this is only used in Segmented speedruns or TASes.



Ledges have weird properties. There are 3 main ways to get off of ledges, jumping, rolling, and slow falling. Rolling off ledges requires a precise roll timing but does save a small amount of time compared to jumping off of ledges. Falling off a ledge is very precise and slower then rolling, its only use in the speedrun is falling off the ledge to get into the hallway leading to Zelda's room in Hyrule Castle.


The buttons on the DS or Wii U gamepad have special functions when hit. A Button is bringing up the map or continuing text, B Button is bring up the map, X Button does nothing, Y Button is used for equips, R and L are items, Start Button brings up the pause screen, Select Button opens the inventory screen.

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