The Sorceress of the Woods

NG+ Strats

Deku Babas

Once you start the level, head to the left and clear the enemies around Lana. Do this until the Deku Babas spawn.

Once they spawn, run by each one, shooting them with an arrow.

Do this while running to avoid extra animations from link stopping.

If you defeat all five Deku Baba's before the "Defeat the Deku Babas!" message ends, you do not get any extra messages.

Lana Escort

Clear the enemies between Lana and the gate so that she can't be stopped.

Once the gate opens, clear a path for Lana to the Deku Tree.

Try not to look at Lana once she starts moving. She can stop moving fairly often when loaded.

Once you are confident she has a clear path and will get to the tree, head to the pair of Gibdos in the northwest.

Try to avoid getting 500KOs if possible.

Gibdos and Fairy Fountain

Wait until you get the text: "Lana has reached the Deku Tree!", then kill the two gibdos.

Once you get that message, it is safe to get 500KOs without triggering more text boxes.

Immediately head to the pair of gibdos in the southeast.

Kill them before the "Defeat the Gibdo Forces!" message ends.

Now head to the Fairy Fountain.

Defeat the Gibdo by the door, then wait and activate the magic circle when available.


Once free from the magic circle, head around to the bridge at the northwest of the map.

This path reduces the chance that the Gibdo east of Wizzro aggros onto you.

Once the gate opens, head into Enemy Base.

Attacking Wizzro and taking the keep are optional.

Gohma appears after Impa's "Hnn--! Too fast!" message. Once she does, kill her to finish the level.

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