The Sheikah Tribesman

NG+ Strats

Thanks to his ability to jump up ledges, Tingle can skip certain parts of the level and is faster than Link here.

Hylian Captain

Run north and Tingle jump up the ledge.

Take Stone Square.

Run to the Hylian Captain north of West Square.

Run around to the other side of West Square and kill skeleton captain on the way

Do not enter the keep except during messages. If the Found Hylian Captain text has a chance to appear, a long chain of extra messages will appear.

Wait for the "Dark forces have appeared!" message, when the enemies spawn. Immediately run in and use the C5 combo to kill the Lizalfos and spawn the keep boss.

Immediately leave the keep to avoid being in it between messages. Once the next message appears, quickly run in, take the keep, and run back out before the message ends.

Sheik Cutscene

Run back to the ledge south of Stone Square, killing the several captains along the way.

Tingle Jump to Stone Square and then repeat on the ledge north of Stone Square.

Run around to the keep at the far north to trigger the cutscene.

Turn around and take Tunnel Square.

Wait in the keep until the chest appears, then open it.

Spirit in the Caves

Once the nearby gate opens, run to the end of the tunnel and kill the Poe.

Pass through Tunnel Square, killing the nearby Lizalfos, then jump down the ledge to the west.

As you head toward them, decide on one keep to clear between West Square and Stone Square. The one with more enemy captains in it is usually a good choice.

Run to and clear the chosen keep.

If you decide to clear West Square, remember not to step into the keep to avoid the Hylian Captain text. Clear from outside it.

Tingle Jump back up and jump down into Central Square.


Take Central Square.

Once "You discovered Bombchu!" appears, Tingle jump out and start killing enemies near the second set of rocks.

Kill Wizzro and the surrounding captains after the cutscene.

Continue to clear enemies for bomchus.

After the second bombchu, load Impa and run to exit. Try to have her enter the exit shortly after you get there.

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