The Sorceress of the Valley

NG+ Strats

Thanks to their ability to jump up ledges, Medli and Tingle are the preferred characters for this level, with Medli currently holding the top times.

Beamos Keeps

West Keep

At the start of the level, run to West Keep.

If you are playing as Medli, break the green magic pot once you enter, you'll need the magic for Manhandla later.

Now take the keep, using the Darknut that follows behind you to take it more easily. Finish the keep boss at the beginning of a message so that the chest cutscene doesn't stall text.

A chest will spawn once you take the keep, but we don't need it.

You do not need to destroy the beamos, but you need to be out of the keep between text boxes for the rest of the level if you leave it. Being in the keep with the beamos between messages can trigger a short cutscene and some extra text. This won't be a problem if you take the keep and get out quickly enough though. Now head to East Keep.

East Keep

Depending on when you arrive at East Keep, you may need to wait for an extra message to play before entering. You don't want to be in East Keep between messages or you risk the beamos cutscene playing.

If you see the green Impa thought bubble already on screen as you approach East Keep, wait for the next message to start. If the green Impa thought bubble has not appeared yet, run in the keep once it starts.

Immediately bomb the beamos to prevent the cutscene from playing in this keep. Now take the keep, being sure to defeat the three captains that enter shortly after you do from the east.


Impa and Volga are going to fight. If Impa gets too wounded, she will give extra text. But defeating Volga for her will also give more text.

To help Impa not lose the fight too badly, defeat the darknut and bokoblin between East Keep and Impa. After this, head up to the ledge jump.

Ledge Jump

Head to the ledge nearest to East Keep. Ledge Jump up, and then run past the vines to Ruin's Summit to trigger a cutscene. If it doesn't trigger immediately when you enter, wait inside the keep until it does.

Then head back to the middle of the map.

If you are playing as Tingle, break the yellow specials pot in Eastern Room. You'll need two specials to defeat Manhandla later. If you already have two specials, you can ignore the pot.


Run up to Manhandla and expose its weak point with the boomerang. Manhandla is healthgated at about 2/3 of it's max health, so hit it until you reach the health gate.

Do not use a weakpoint smash attack. The healthgate can easily be reached without it and it would stall the text from advancing.

Now run to the open area to the west of West Ruins, just southwest of the outpost.

As you pass through West Keep, if you did not destroy the beamos, you could get the beamos cutscene if you aren't careful. Wait to enter the keep just after a new text box appears so that you can be out the other side of the keep before the text changes.

Once the manhandla stalk appears, use the boomerang to defeat it. Now you will need to watch which of two text boxes appears first.

If "Manhandla Stalk has mounted a seed attack on the allied base!" appears first, you got bad Manhandla RNG. The real stalk is the one south of East Sanctum. Run there and boomerang the stalk.

If "Manhandla Stalk has been defeated!" appears first, you got good Manhandla RNG. Manhandla will appear next to you shortly.

As Medli, activate your magic, expose Manhandla's weakpoint with it, and then finish it off.

As Tingle, use two specials to defeat Manhandla.

Engineer Text Skip

The engineer will be trying to reach East Sanctum while you fight Manhandla. If the engineer gets stuck and you get good Manhandla RNG, you can skip the two text boxes that he gives.

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