Any% No EG/DG/WW

***Note: This route requires hovering and various clips. If you cannot hover, you will need to get moon pearl, flippers, and hook shot. You will still need to do various clips.

Escape (Do not grab sanctuary heart yet if you intend to get it.)

Save and Quit to Link's House


Boots -If you have fewer than 5 rupees, grab a rupee chest behind Sahasrala -For the easier Kiki Skip, grab the bombs behind Sahasrala

Save and Quit to Sanctuary -If you are grabbing sanctuary heart, get it now.

Death Mountain Ascent boots clip

Rescue Old Man & Get Mirror

Hera Clip

Death Mountain Descent (Either mirror wrap, screen scroll, or bunny clip)

Mirror Jump to rescue Frog

Mirror to LW and return Smith

If you have less than 10 rupees, bonk tree west of Smith's for a blue rupee

Get Tempered

S+Q to Death Mountain

Kiki Skip to POD (Bomb Clip or buffered clip)

Hammer Jump

S+Q to Death Mountain

Hera Clip

Early GT Clip (Either buffered or mirror/dash clip)

Die as Bunny

GT -> Agah 2 -> Ganon

Last updated 07/25/2018 – Screevo