Eastern Palace

Obtain The Big Key Quickly

In the room with the chest containing the big key, quickly run around the first enemy and run into the bottom left corner of its hitbox. The damage should boost you squarely against the side of the pot hiding the switch to make the chest appear. Using the invincibility frames from the damage boost, pick up the pot and stand on the switch, then wait for the enemies to hit you again and knock you away.

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The two pots on either side of the switch each contain a heart, which can be useful if you fail the trick on your first try. You need at least three full hearts to survive.

Quick Stalfos Room

In the room with five pots and four spawning Stalfos, it is possible to quickly kill two of the Stalfos before they spawn, and consequently despawn the other two, thus opening the room much quicker than normal.

Enter the room and immediately go up and grab the top-right pot. Walk along the second tile row from the top until you're between the fourth and fifth tiles from the left, then turn right and throw the pot. Quickly grab the top left pot, take one step to the right, and throw it downward. If done correctly, this should work consistently.

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//boss quick kill section to be added later with video

Last updated 07/30/2013 – mzxrules