Early Dark World

It is possible to enter the mainland of the Dark World as soon as you obtain the Magic Mirror.

How To

  1. Enter the Dark World via the portal on Death Mountain.
  2. Head down to the lower region of Death Mountain, and walk over to the edge of the wall where in the Light World a bridge spans across a gap.
  3. Walk to the edge (to the right), then use the Mirror to enter the Light World
  4. In the Light World, lightly tap right to inch forward, and wait for the portal to warp you back into the Dark World.
  5. Use the Mirror to warp back to the Light World again, so to push the warp forward ever so slightly.
  6. Move out of the warp portal, and re-enter the portal at the very tip of the right side of it. If you stick inside the Dark World, you should be on top of a wall.
  7. Jump down, and move your way toward the bottom of the screen.


  • If you die inside of a Dark World dungeon and leave, but haven't obtained the Master Sword at the pedestal, you will appear to still be in the Dark World, but the area music will be of the Light World. If you use the Magic Mirror in this state, you will be warped to the Dark World rather than the Light World, and the game will return to normal. If you walk off the current screen into the next one, you will be transported into the Light World, but with the Dark World palette. If the Mirror was used recently, it will appear as if a portal is still open on the map.
  • If you die at all in the overworld of the Dark World and you have not obtained the Master Sword in the pedestal, you will have to redo the trick, as you don't have the option to start at the pyramid.
Last updated 06/07/2011 – mzxrules