Any% Route

Obtaining the South West Sea Chart

  • Oshus's house
  • Monsters CS
  • Speak with Oshus
  • Sword chest, draw a 7 on the sign
  • Exit cave
  • Sword practice (optional Sword Tutorial Skip)

Practice Cave

  • Small key chest
  • Pull levers in order 2nd, 1st, 4th, 3rd
  • Kill the Rat running around to get a key (don’t block hole, just pull the block 3 tiles to the right to block path)
  • Leave the cave past the locked door

  • Boat CS

  • Enter Milk Bar and talk to the owner
  • Move your way to Temple of the Ocean King (TotOK)


  • Free Linebeck
  • Roll through middle after key (If you have 1 1/2 Hearts)
  • Small key
  • Left switch
  • Right switch
  • SW chart
  • Death Warp to the beginning

Spirit of Power

  • Head back to the ship
  • Scratch the symbol off the bottom right island
  • Sail to Isle of Ember (curve path more than you think to avoid getting stuck on the island)
  • Speak with Kayo on the far right of the Island (remember torch locations to free Astrid)
  • Astrid fight(end up by door)
  • Free Astrid (Torch Locations):
    1) Right part of the river in the top of the island
    2) Bottom most house
    3) Far right island speck

Fire temple

  • Keese small key
  • 4 switches(Spin attack in the middle)
  • Carry a pot from the staircase on F1 and go up to F2
  • Stand on the blue tiles and throw it at the switch
  • Boomerang miniboss (Try and kill as many as you can without lagging the console >4 per spin)
  • Bubble fight (wait a bit for them to overlap after the bounce on the wall, 1 boomerang throw)
  • Pull both levers + Rat small key
  • Octrock blue switch
  • Small key by hitting in order Bottom-Left, Top-Right, Top-Left, Bottom-Right, Top-Center (for the key)
  • Fire Keese + Yellow Chu fight
    • Try and kill the Keese at the start and stun and kill both Chus, then kill the remaining Keese
  • Big key

1) Combine the Imps in increasing order of the horns as they appear on the top of the screen.
2) Stun Blaaz with Boomerang
3) Then Jump attack, Spin Attack x4 or Double Spin Attack x2 (slow your spins down so that it hits twice). Repeat 1-3 Once
4) When you stun him for the third time, just Double Spin Attack him twice.


  • Head back to Astrid's house to complete this portion of the quest
  • Talk to Linebeck by the ship to go back to Mercay Island
  • Once on Mercay head to TotOK


  • Hit switch in the upper right corner of the map
  • Go back to the center of the area and use the boomerang to light the torches
  • Get past the phantoms and head upwards towards the key
  • Go to the right of the key and step on the switch.
  • Grab the key (Note: If you can lure the phantoms to the key you can Knockout warp and save 6-8 seconds.)
  • Go to the locked door in the upper right and advance in the dungeon.


  • Get attention of phantom
  • Bottom-Right switch
  • Middle Lever
  • Top-Left switch
  • Boomerang clip to get key
  • Unlock the door and continue

B3(timing and cycles are important here)

  • Upper left force gem
  • Throw then roll to the force gem and place it in cross-section at middle of room
  • Lever on left
  • Step on the switch to kill the bottom right Phantom
  • Grab its key
  • Bottom right force gem (throw it to where bottom two paths meet)
  • Bottom left force gem
  • Place them all in the pedestals
  • NW chart

Spirit of Wisdom

Cannon Island

  • Head back to Linebeck and sail to the island South-West of Mercay
  • Talk to Fuzo in the house
  • CI cave (Killing all the rats is optional, but highly recommended)
  • Bomb to destroy barrier
  • Second bomb past fence
  • Push blocks+kill rats
  • Bomb + exit cave
  • Bomb rocks + kill Red Chus for safety
  • Bomb destroy-able blocks
  • Bonk into the right side of the tree below the rocks. (200 Rupees)
  • Cannon (avoid mailbox by cutting the wooden sign)

Ghost Ship

  • Follow ghost ship (stay as close to the right barrier as possible and turn towards Isle of gust)
  • Molida Island
  • Select 'No' upon arriving
  • Wayfarer’s son (talk to go to entrance w/o leaving house and then talk to him again, prompt 'Yes')
  • Zora warrior fight
  • Shovel (don’t need to see chart)
  • Leave the Island
  • Follow ghost ship path (Go up and around the right side of the 2nd rock on the bottom right, then slalom to the rock to the direct left, circle around the rock directly above it, continue going around the rock [left side] directly above that one and make your way out to the tip of the rock wall.)

Isle of Gust

  • Celia fence skip (very minor, saves 2ish seconds)
  • Blow puzzle
    1) Kill worm with bomb on first platform
    2) Blow bottom-right wind turbine
    3) Blow top-left turbine
    4) Blow bottom-left
  • Head to the entrance of the dungeon

Temple of Wind

  • Roll to the right and Tap door over the wall
  • Throw bomb and wait for it to explode.
  • Snake fight (boomerang kill 3, stab last)
  • OctoROCK fight(throw bombs)
  • Step on the switch in the middle of the room
  • Push block up two spaces and cover the 3rd vent
  • Kill first worm
  • Shovel bottom right, top right, top left, bottom left and exit at bottom left of room Re-enter from bottom left and go to top
  • Small key


  • (Kill chus in upper right corner of B1 because they are almost impossible to dodge)
  • Double bomb puzzle skip by throwing the boomerang and slashing the other orb at the same time
  • Big Key(throw bomb from platform into wind vents before picking up the key) Cyclok-throw bombs at him when he is on the ground for a 2 cycle

  • Uncharted island

  • Cyclone slate(rudder right, Spray top, paddle bottom, eye left)
  • Get the NW frog (Directly to the NW of Uncharted Island.)
  • Savewarp after the Frog
  • Head to Mercay Island


  • B1 skip with bombs
  • B2 same as previous visit
  • B3 Grab the Force gem in the upper left, throw it to the center(along top then middle down) then run behind phantoms down the middle and get on the platform using the shovel
  • B4 boomerang clip to get the key
  • B5 Fights(safety red potion)
  • B6 Crested door, stun the first phantom eye (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right, upper left)
  • Sun Key Crest

Spirit of Courage

  • Get the SW golden frog on the way to Cannon Island
  • Cannon island blow for 200 rupee salvage arm
  • Sun key

Molida Island

  • Secret hideout(below tree after mailbox)
  • Sun key door
  • Hit first statue with boomerang
  • Hit second statue (do not turn)
  • Zora warriors fight+ third statue
  • Turn second statue

Temple of Courage

Note: You take a ton of damage in this dungeon. You have a safety potion (if grabbed).

  • Roll clip through first two rolling spike things(you need to skip healing with the heart pots to make this cycle)
  • Small key
  • Moldorm fight(either boomerang strats or jumpslash spin attacks)
  • Change switch to BLUE
  • Pol’s voice small key (blow to stun, then slash to kill)
  • Up, down, right, left levers for square gem
  • Invisible path puzzle(two right, two down, six left, one up, one left, 2 up, one left, one down, two left to grab the bow.)


  • Hit arrow pod 3 times with boomerang, change switch to RED
  • Move square (Killing moldorms on 1F is really helpful)
  • Kill all but 4 octorocks, then reload room and kill rest of them
  • Bomb block and use damage invincibility to roll past the spike trap
  • Use a bomb for damage invincibility past electric traps
  • Light all 6 torches
  • Hit arrow pod with boomerang twice
  • Change switch to BLUE
  • Pol’s voice (Again, blow into mic, then slash to kill)
  • Drawing block puzzle (up, down, right in one curved line, then left, void, BK and then line down middle)
  • Crayk- shoot before opening CS starts, destroy shell using arrows, arrow to his face and slash tail (Hit based fight: 3 hits on tail per cycle.)

Ghost Ship

  • Jolene RNG fight 1
  • Frog warp to North West sea (Ͷ)
  • Sail into fog
  • Ghost ship chase

Ghost ship

  • First sister fight
  • Hit first and second switch(second after crossing its spikes)
  • triangle+second sister
  • Circle+ third sister
  • Pull switches in order 4th, 1st, 5th, 2nd, 3rd.
  • Skip orb switch
  • Floor switch among barrels
  • Purple potion
  • Fourth sister
  • DBC fight
  • Ghost key
  • Free Tetra

SE + NE Charts

  • Sail to Zauz’s island
  • Walk downwards to skip the mailbox
  • Talk to Zauz
  • Leave and warp to SW frog (Ϫ)

TotOK 4

  • B1 same as before
  • B2 same as previous visit
  • B3 Grab Force Gem in upper right, bring it down behind the swift phantom, shoot the other swift phantom(with the key) then kill it from the platform because it is much safer
  • B4 shoot the eye, boomerang clip to get the key
  • B5 boomerang for bubbles, bow for moldorms
  • B6 draw triforce this time
  • Midpoint-restock
  • B7 descend to B8
  • B8 cross invisible bridge and go back up to B7
  • B7 boomerang switch under phantom
  • Grab the circle -Descend to B8
  • B8 cross the invisible bridge again and place the circle in the pedestal- activate the floor switch Descend to B9-
  • B9 grab the triangle- back up to B8
  • B8 go up wind vent and throw triangle across
  • pick up circle and throw it across
  • Use upper invisible bridge to cross
  • Kill swift phantom if it is in the way, blow up block, place triangle and activate switch
  • Bring circle and triangle to B9
  • B9 use the bow to get the square
  • Place in order: square circle triangle
  • SE chart- break all pots


  • bow first warp phantom and run past it
  • bomb the entrance of the inner part on the bottom
  • get attention of phantom eye and get key from warp phantom(with bomb or by stunning it with the bow)
  • Activate switch on the other side
  • Open locked door


  • bottom shovel spot
  • step on right switch and throw bomb to activate orb
  • step on left switch
  • Top left lever then top right lever
  • Top shovel spot, right switch then left switch B12 Kill phantom eye
  • first force gem, stun normal phantom with bow
  • stun warp phantom and take both force gems to safe zone on top
  • Kill second phantom eye and open the chest for the third piece
  • Get the attention of the swift phantom but stun it before it can grab the force gem, let the warp phantom grab it
  • Stun the warp phantom in the middle and place all 3 pieces
  • NE chart


  • Sail through SE near isle of frost to get the W frog
  • Skip NE frog and sail right to the island(NE frog is out of the way)
  • Pray to RNGesus that the pirates aren't in a bad location

Isle of dead

  • Mailbox skip
  • go past rupee-likes
  • Enter pyramid(up up right right up up)
  • Regal Necklace

  • SE frog warp (W)

  • Isle of Ruin
  • Zora warrior fight(boomerang before you enter the room)
  • Rupee like boost
  • Damage invincibility to go through rupee likes
  • Third knight
  • Second knight+key
  • Place the key
  • First knight
  • Door(UL,UR,BR,M,BL,UL)
  • Dual Zora warrior fight(make sure you watch them despawn)

Mutoh’s temple

  • Drop a bomb by right switch
  • Break 2 bomb pots and bomb breakable wall
  • Stalfos fight
  • activate first switch
  • savewarp
  • Drop bomb by right switch(timing is important)
  • More Stalfos+ activate second switch
  • B1-go across water and up to F1
  • F1-up to F2
  • F2 damage invincibility past rupee-like and go up to F3
  • F3-miniboss (with bombs)


  • switch on F2 go to F1
  • Switch on F1 down to B1
  • Hammer glitch with pause buffering on the switch by the door
  • small key
  • Open locked door and LOWER water
  • Flip all switches to O
  • Arrow switch to RAISE water
  • Cross bridge
  • Arrow switch to LOWER water
  • Small Key Early
  • Boulders for boss key
  • B2 place boss key in middle of block and kill all stalfos with hammer
  • Eox fight
  • 3rd phase drop a bomb after getting on top to one cycle(use slashes b/c boss uses hit counter and not damage)
  • Skip <3 container (optional, but better to skip for a later trick)

Goron Island

  • SW frog warp (Ϫ)
  • Flying whale fight
  • Talk to every goron but child and elder(route is get the ones in the lower left besides the one below the yellow chu ledge, cross over a screen, call the goron to press the switch, lower right ones, cross back over, upper left ledge and yellow chus, final goron below ledge)
  • Head to the top left portion of the map
  • Hammer glitch over void for early Goron Temple

Goron Temple

  • Pot skips+armos push skip
  • armos skip for raising door
  • lead armos down to switch and then kill
  • double armos fight
  • Bomb between first two columns
  • Bubbles fight with hammer
  • Cyclops fight with hammer
  • Destroy rocks with gongoron
  • Kill like likes and put gongoron on switch and then hammer link’s switch


  • Kill eye slugs with gongoron
  • Hammer glitch with pause buffering by the eye slugs then go down stairs
  • Early Boss Key
  • Head down a floor and kill the two eye brutes in the battle room
  • Place a bomb next to the switch and head to the spikes that it triggers
  • Use a bombchu to hit the bottom switch that's to the left
  • Use a second bombchu to hit the top switch
  • Use your boomerang to hit the switch that triggers the spikes and grab the key
  • Make your way to the boss door

  • Dodongorongo fight

  • Second phase bomb bomb spin spin strats

  • Return to the Elder and take his questionnaire Goron Question Answers:
    These will always be the first three.
    How many homes are there on this island?
    The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at?
    How many Gorons live on this island?
    These will only be used for question #4
    Easy one, Stranger, what question number is this?
    What color were the odd creatures on the cliff?
    How many Goron children live on this island?
    These will only be used for question #5
    How many Gorons are outside right now?
    How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy!
    How many Gorons are in their homes right now?
    These will be only be used for question #6
    How many rocks are there in this home?
    What is on this spot?
    Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults?

  • Talk to Gongoron
  • Then talk to the Elder again

Isle of Frost

  • SE frog warp (Ϫ)
  • Destroy ice around isle of frost (clockwise)
  • Talk to chief
  • Talk to all Anoukis in homes, then talk to the upper middle one again
  • Talk to the chief again
  • Cross to the ice field, picking up bombs in the cave in the middle
  • Kill all 6 Yooks(bomb, jumpslash then hammer) watch all death animations
  • Brown Yook (RNG) fight

Temple of Ice

  • Hammer glitch with pause buffering over diagonal to open left side (can be skipped)
  • Change switch to RED
  • Stand on lowered red blocks and hit the switch twice with the boomerang(need a circle in between because there is a delay)
  • End standing ON TOP of the BLUE blocks while raised(if you go behind it isn’t a problem, see bombchu glitch)
  • Place bombchu, have it do 2 circles, and then change the switch to RED
  • 2F-3F
  • Place a bomb and hold it to activate orb
  • Switches 1 4 3 2
  • Boomerang switches (UR, UL, BL, BR, Key)
  • Brown Yook RNG and white Yook

Grapple Hook

Note: If you did the hammer glitch at the beginning -> Save Warp. If not:

  • Grapple across the ledge
  • Pull the tongue on the statue
  • Grapple across the void and step on the switch by the entrance

  • Grapple hook both statues(DO NOT CHANGE COLOR OF SWITCH)

  • Get extra bombs by the stairs (enter B1 with hammer selected)
  • Hammer over void to hit switch
  • Drop bomb by first statue, then across the ridge, and the right area
  • Hammer glitch with pause buffering to change switch to BLUE
  • Hit 4 orbs with boomerang(any order)
  • Eye switch
  • Pull statue tongue half way, skip the second grapple hook peg
  • B2 Hammer glitch without pause buffering right below the stairs
  • Yook and squishy fight
  • After first tightrope use grapple hook to jump over void
  • Activate all 4 switches with a spin attack and bomb the wall right under them
  • Boss Key


  • Gleeok is a scripted fight with only a couple ways of saving time.
    1st Phase) The fight is laid out in a ping pong style approach. Use the grapple hook to bounce shots to the opposite head.
  • During the tsunami, grapple the top posts together, stand on the post while the wave passes, and then use the rope as a brace so the current doesn't push you to the wall. Your main objective is to break all the ice blocks as fast as possible to advance the fight. Letting them hit the wall actually wastes time.
    2nd Phase) This phase starts when the heads are exposed and they decide to break the top posts. This phase is sped up with a quick kill on the boss. One of the heads will start chomping. During this equip bombs and wait for him to stop chomping (takes 1-3 chomps) throw a bomb, grapple his tongue to the post, swap to hammer and do small hammer into big hammer. Rinse repeat until both heads are dead.

Final assault

  • NW frog warp (Ͷ)
  • Give metals to Zauz
  • Mailbox
  • Leave the island

If you are playing on the Japanese version and have followed the route correctly up until this point, Jolene should be very close by. Skip the savewarps, fight her, and return for the blade.

  • Savewarp
  • Jolene RNG fight 2
  • Savewarp
  • Pick up the phantom sword blade
  • SW frogwarp (Ϫ)
  • Talk to Oshus to get the Phantom sword completed


  • Enter midpoint
  • B7 grapple hook to circle chest, descend to B8 on bottom right
  • B8 Hammer glitch with pause buffering for switch on upper left descend to B9 on upper right
  • B9 get the square from the swift phantom(killing it gives a CS, but is much safer)
  • Place square in the pedestal on the left
  • Pick up triangle
  • Square circle Triangle
  • B10 Bombchu top switch
  • Push boulder on the left
  • Bombchu/hammer glitch with pause buffering bottom left switch(both are about as fast)
  • Grapple hook to other side and bomb wall
  • Open locked door
  • B11 go through bottom right stairs to B12
  • Hammer platform to go over wall
  • Kill warp phantom
  • Hit hammer switch on upper left
  • Kill swift phantom and take the force gem to the center
  • Stun the normal phantom and place all 3 gems

Final floor

  • Kill all phantoms(use the red pot on the upper right, carry it down)

Bellum I phase I

  • Pull the purple goo off of him using the grapple hook and pull him close to you. Use double spins and jump attacks while pulling him back to you to quickly end his water portions of the fight.
  • This fight will always start with him in the water, him climbing a floor, falling back into the water, and then climbing up both floors.

Bellum I phase II

  • Stop him with a phantom sphere as he comes close. Optimal DMG Strats: Double Spin x3, Jump Attack a lot, repeat.

Bellum II(ghost ship)

  • I honestly don't know how this fight works. Just fire away at the purple eyes until they die.


  • Collect 3 Time Spheres and wait for his eye to open.
  • Draw an hourglass when his eye opens. Optimal damage strats: Double Spin x3, Slashes, Spin when the timer is about to run out.
  • When going to do the 3rd time stop walk up to Bellumbeck (Reduces the chance of him spinning, which loses time)
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