Hammer Glitches

The hammer has very poor collision mechanics, this allows for 3 different glitches that are used throughout a run.

Clipping over a wall using pause buffering:

  • Stand near a short wall(one which you can see the top of) and point link away from it.
  • Pull out the hammer(by pressing the button in the top right corner)
  • hold the hammer slightly in front of link, then move it closer to the call which you are trying to clip over, making sure that it faces away from it(you know that you can clip when you see the hammer moving back and forth on top of the wall)
  • press start to pause to buffer until a frame where the shadow of the hammer is over the wall, then, while the game is still paused, move the stylus to the side that you are trying to clip to and unpause them game

Clipping through a wall over a short distance without pause buffering

  • Stand with link's back facing a wall as close to it as possible, with the switch you are trying to hit (on the other side of the wall) directly behind him
  • take out the hammer(using L this time)
  • release the hammer on any point(preferably one close to the wall, but on link's side, but it doesn't matter that much)
  • before the hammer reaches the ground release the stylus and click somewhere right on the other side of the wall, and it should quickly hit the ground on the other side of the wall. (long enough to hit a switch, but you do not have free movement after clipping like with the glitch with pause buffering, however, this can get through any type of wall)

Hammering over a void

Although the hammer can only be moved on link's side of a void, if you pull out the hammer on link's side, it can then be dragged over a void to hit a switch

Hammer Glitch in Goron Temple as an example

  1. place link next to wall and take hammer out

  2. Look for the frame where the hammer is over the wall (what is circled)(Pause to find this frame, it is just easier to see without the screen covering the game, you know that you are able to get the glitch when the hammer is flashing between two points)

Phantom Hourglass Hammer glitch

Last updated 05/04/2014 – Jasongu