Goron Temple BK skip

Requires a purple potion which is obtained in the Ghost Ship

On the floor with the boss door place the three armos(UR, UL, and BL) on their switches, then kill the 4th armos(not on a switch). Lower health to one heart using bombs Place a bomb right next to the armos and press the armos to show the arrows for which direction to push it After the bomb flashes 3 times begin pause buffering until the frame where the bomb is big and red(or the one after where it is purple) On this frame, press an arrow and unpause the game, when you regain control of link after healing with the purple potion, you should be able to move the armos without touching it

To skip the boss key using this, open the spikes by using the hammer on the 4th switch, and Then bring the armos down to the boss key door Position yourself next to the door, and just have the armos push yourself through Just run/roll through the rest of the door, and you can enter the boss room normally

Last updated 05/03/2014 – Jasongu