RNG Manipulation

In the Oracle games, the RNG seed is the same every time after a hard reset and gets advanced every frame on the title screen, the screen with the "press start" text.

After entering the game, the RNG seed only advances after set activities: slashing sword calls the RNG once, digging calls it once if nothing is dug up and twice if something is dug up, enemies call it once whenever they need to make a move, and screen transitions call it 256 times.

Using this, RNG can be manipulated to get whatever enemy pattern, Gasha nut or item from digging that is needed.

Expert Ring and Rupees

These manipulations are for the expert ring, which allows a skip on Crescent Moon Island, and also for enough rupees to buy Dmitri's flute, which is the fastest flute overall.

Method 1

  • after d2, harvest village tree, don't care about this ring

  • continue normally until rope

  • S&Q immediately after getting rope

  • Go back down to screen before tree, dig until red rupee

  • Move to tree screen

  • Cut grass (ember drop), dig (red rupee/heart), grass, grass, grass (heart), dig (heart), slash at nothing, harvest

  • going back to town, next screen, slash the two bushes for embers

  • town entrance screen, slash all grass then one bush to enter town

  • dig on ring shop screen for rupee #1

  • appraise expert ring (middle), equip harp and ring

  • enter past, enter village

  • slash 3 grass, transition, slash 1 grass, 1 bush, 3 grass, continue to rafton

  • talk to rafton, ralph

  • on mermaid statue screen, charge up spin attack on 2nd from right tile column

  • screen up, spin attack all 5 grass, should get green rupee here

  • screen right, slash 3 grass, 1 bush, 1 grass

  • screen up, slash 3 grass, harp

  • exiting city, spin attack 3 bushes, slash all grass, go to ricky

  • equip shovel sword, talk to ricky

  • screen down, slash 8 times, dig until rupee #2

  • continue normally

  • again there's buffer at the end to allow for extra/missed slashes, if you miss a grass/bush, two extra slashes. extra slashes only mean less digs until rupee #2

Method 2

  • Dig until you get a green rupee.

  • The Octorok should go either down or right, maple should enter from top right and leave bottom right.

  • Get gasha tree.

  • On the way to screen with the rock that you push in the beginning, dig either 5 or 10 times, depending on if the octorok went down or right, and the last dig should be the blue rupee.

  • Burn down the tree, slash, then slash and hold your sword and transition to the ghini fight.

  • Kill the ghini as efficiently as possible.

  • On the next screen, if you get red rupee, green rupee, slash 11 times if you get nothing, green rupee, slash 10 times.

  • Get the gasha tree, this will be the expert ring.

  • Go to Cheval's grave, and try to spend as little time as possible on the screen with the beetles and zols.

  • Lift the rock, and if there is a bomb underneath, on Vasu's screen, slash 27 times and dig, and you get another 100 rupees.

    if there is not, slash a "safe amount" and dig until blue rupee on vasu's screen.

Dungeon 3

This skip is not necessary to complete the run, but it does improve the armos room considerably, so it is worth learning.

Demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2uc7uCGc9g&t=47m10s

  • After getting the first key, make sure you have enough bombs (at least 7), and hard-reset and swing your sword until you hear 2 low-pitched tones in between 3 high-pitched tones. It's hard to explain, see the demonstration.

  • Walk efficiently until you get to the lower level. Kill the gel with 2 disjoint sword swings.

  • Hit the snake-thing twice from the top, then kill it with a spin attack. If it bounced around in a diamond pattern, swing your sword twice more; if not, 3 times more.

  • Kill the bunnies & the snake-thing again with bombs. Try to nail down the timing for when to pull out and throw the bombs.

  • Get the next key. If the visible bunny did not jump a second time, swing your sword before leaving the key room.

  • Walk efficiently until you get to the armos room. Swing your sword six times. (if you were too slow in previous rooms, you may compensate by swinging less times.)

  • Kill the first armos with a bomb next to it. Don't press the switch too quickly or the RNG will be different.

  • Swing once as soon as they start moving. Throw a bomb left, then down.

For Dungeon 2 Skip

Like Like Manipulation

This manipulation is for exiting the tree after toilet warp. Normally, you would be able to burn the tree with ember seeds in the seed shooter, but because in this route the toilet warp is done before Dungeon 3, an alternate method of escaping the tree is required.

Hard Reset after getting Roc's Feather in Dungeon 2.

With Maple

Slash sounds:

MID MID MID MID LOW MID LOW MID in old man's house


MID MID MID MID LOW outside toilet house


3 slashes after the octorok turns

1 slash shortly after

2 slashes after the bottom of the likelike reaches the bush

1 slash immediately after the like-like hits the bush

Without Maple

Slash sounds:

... MID MID HIGH MID MID HIGH in old man's house


1 slash after the like-like passes link's midpoint

Expert Ring & Rupees

Hard reset after getting the rope.

On the screen with the Gasha nut, listen for slash sounds:

... mid mid high mid mid high mid mid mid

then harvest.

Remember to visit the ember tree screen on the way to rafton.

21 advances (including bushes), dig on the ring shop screen

10 advances (including bushes), dig on the beach on the screen after getting the gloves

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