ZSR Emote Contest

Hey everyone! The ZeldaSpeedRuns Twitch channel just got a sub button. So with this, we decided to host an emote contest for our first ZSR Twitch emote.

The emote contest isn't really a competition but more to really show our support to the amazing artists out there. The contest will start today and end on December 14th with the winner being announced on the 15th.


The winner of the emote contest will of course be receiving some awesome benefits and they are as follows:

  • The featured emote on our channel
  • Will get paid for their emote as if it were a commission
  • They will be receiving a custom zsr hoodie(designed how you want)
  • They will be gifted a sub for the first month to use the newly added emote

Emotes should be zelda related, fitting for twitch (sizewise, fine on light and dark background) and obviously owned by the person, no stolen artwork.

Attention Artists! You can submit your emote to us by sending a HQ png version to our email address:

Good luck and don't forget to have fun everyone!