ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2018

Hey all!

The ZSR Staff is stoked to announce the ZSR Marathon 2018, April 13th - 15th!
We firstly wanted to go into the past a little, we wanted to go over everything and all of the support we received from everyone during our last ZSRM.
Putting together last years' event was a blast and we were absolutely blown away by the performances of runners and commentators. Overall the feedback we received during and after the marathon filled us with emotions and we cannot express our gratitude for it.

With this years' exciting upcoming changes for ZSR, we wanted to start it all off right. Today we are announcing the ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2018, an online gathering of every Zelda speedrunning community for 3 days of nonstop speedruns. Last year we were asked if ZSR Marathon 2017 would be raising money for charity. The answer was pretty straight forward for our situation and it ended up being a no, for the main reason that we were all new at creating an event of the magnitude that it was. But we decided to change this for 2018. The ZSR Marathon 2018 will be benefiting JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation):

JDRF works every day to change the reality of this disease for millions of people - and to prevent anyone else from ever knowing it - by funding research, advocating for government support of research and new therapies, ensuring new therapies come to market and connecting and engaging the T1D community.

For more information about JDRF visit:

During the marathon we will be selling all of our apparel on our store with a 20% discount. For the entirety of the event we will be donating a percentage of each sale to JDRF.

The Staff has decided to allow people to order custom tees (you can have your username and design of your choice) for the duration of this year's ZSR Marathon, which again a percentage of each sale will go to JDRF. We are absolutely stoked to be able to bring you this event and to help support this amazing cause.

The marathon will take place on our Twitch channel:

We will be hosting the marathon, commentary and everything else through the ZeldaSpeedRuns Discord server.

Any questions, comments or concerns anyone has regarding the event and all of the aspects of this event will be answered there or in the forums of our marathon page

Please be sure to read the RULES before submitting or requesting commentary status.

The date(s) regarding the ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2018 are as follows:

Submissions Open - February 1st

Submissions Close - February 16th

Game(s) / Runners Announcement - February 24th

ZSRM Schedule Release - March 1st

ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon - April 13th - 15th

Submissions for this event will open on February 1st to anyone and everyone who is willing to participate in this event. We want every single Zelda game, no matter if canon or not, in this marathon, very similar to last years' marathon.

Runners will be able to submit runs starting February 1st and submissions will be ending on February 16th. Runners will be able to submit incentives for their run(s) during game submissions. SUBMIT

Commentators will be able to request commentary privileges through the runners after the runners and games have been announced starting on February 24th.