The Wind Waker Randomizer Season 3 - live on ZSR

Welcome to Season 3 of the TWW Randomizer, this time exclusively on ZeldaSpeedRuns. Registration for the tournament starts NOW! Signups are open until November 9th and the tournament itself will start November 23rd.

For an overview of the rules and settings, head over to - everything is written down there.

We look forward to another season and hope for great matches, a lot of runners and especially one thing: tons and tons of fun!

If you want to participate, sign up now:

For more information or if you want to help with the restream work in form of commentary or tracking, head to the TWWR Tournament Discord!

To a great tournament - we have a lot more planned for the rest of 2019, including a relay race and the beginning of the OoTR Accessible Tournament Season 3.

In the meantime, we're proud to restream matches from the Z2 All Keys tournament and the BotW Any% tournament - check out the schedule for more info on these.