The Minish Cap Tournament and new staff member

Summer is coming to a close, but ZSR is heating up. After our recent announcements, we're ready to announce another tournament: The "TLoZ: The Minish Cap Any% Tournament 2018".

Together with the TMC community we'll host the first TMC tournament in over two years, starting in mid september.
Signups are open now until September 7th, so head over to our Challonge Page and sign up.

For more information, join the TMC Discord!

On a side note, we're happy to announce that Glitchymon joined the ZSR Staff and will handle some of the restreaming duty in the future.

If you are interested in helping out ZeldaSpeedRuns, please let us know. Restreamers, moderators, designers, everyone is welcome. While we cannot offer much of a salary, we try to give out little benefits to everyone involved here and there to compensate for all the work you are doing.

All of this would not be possible without you as the awesome community that you are and we are really grateful for your continued support making us want to improve every aspect of ZSR even further.
While we are talking, a complete recode of the website has begun. Expect progress reports soon!