OoT Randomizer Tournament Season 2

The Ocarina of Time Randomizer community and ZeldaSpeedRuns are proud to announce our second Accessible Randomizer Tournament! Similar to last tournament, we will be having a qualifying stage and a bracket stage, with some adjustments made to both of them. Many of the matches, including all qualifiers, will be streamed live on our Twitch channel:

The tournament will take place on version 4.0:

Qualifiers start on February 9th and go until March 8th, Brackets will start shortly after.

Rules and Settings

We will be using the “Accessible” ruleset. Please be aware that the ruleset has had slight changes recently due to community voting. You can find the full ruleset here.

Qualifiers and Bracket races will feature slightly different settings. We would like qualifiers to be as inclusive as possible for beginners, then make very slight changes for the bracket to help with small issues such as misleading hints and logic.

Qualifier and Bracket

  • All Medallions for Rainbow Bridge
  • Fast Ganon (0 Trials, no Boss Key, no Collapse)
  • Mask of Truth Reward is turned off
  • Big Poe reward requires 1 Big Poe
  • Gossip Stone hints require nothing (and Clearer Hints)
  • Hint Distribution: Tournament Tournament Hint Distribution
  • Maps and Compasses: not shuffled, start in inventory
  • Bombchus in Logic: Off
  • 1 Carpenter for Gerudo Card
  • Adult Trade quest shortened to Prescription through Claim Check
  • Fast Epona
  • All Locations Reachable
  • Skip Castle Stealth Sequence
  • Fewer Tunic Requirements

Qualifier Only

  • Lens of Truth: Required Everywhere

Bracket Only

  • Lens of Truth: Only Chest Minigame
  • Enabled Tricks:
    • Child Deadhand without Kokiri Sword
    • Man on Roof without Hookshot
    • Dodongo’s Cavern Spike Trap Room without Hover Boots
    • Hammer Rusted Switched Through Walls
    • Windmill HP as Adult with Nothing
    • Crater’s Bean PoH with Hover Boots
    • Forest Temple East Courtyard Vines with Hookshot

Settings strings


Emulators are allowed. However, if you use an emulator, you must enable frame and input display if available, otherwise you must capture the entire emulator window.

For reasoning behind most of the listed settings, including some others that we discussed but excluded, please check here: Settings Reasoning


If you do not wish to participate in the bracket stage of the tournament, please inform an organizer or discord mod as soon as possible. If you do not wish to participate in the bracket, you can still freely enter any of the qualifier races.

This season, we will be handling qualifiers a little bit differently, but with the same overall format. There is NO sign-up necessary to enter qualifiers and have your points calculated for the leaderboard.

  • 16 total qualifiers, taking place over a 4 week period
  • The current weeklies will function as 8 of them, the other 8 will be spread out on weekdays at varying times (schedule announced at a later date)
  • Point values will be rewarded based on time relative to the top 3 finishers rather than placement. See below for calculation information
  • Players can participate in as many qualifiers as they like, but only the first 8 races they participate in will be taken into account for point values
  • Each player’s top 5 scores will be taken into account for their point values, however:
  • Each player’s highest score will be dropped to help prevent anomalies in the ranking system (meaning 2nd through 5th scores give actual point values)
  • Any possible 6th through 8th highest scores will be dropped
  • The baseline for points is 1000 (the average of top 3 finishers)
  • The maximum amount of points is 1250
  • The minimum amount of points is 100
  • Any player that forfeits will receive 0 points

Qualifier Point Calculation

Calculation Formula: (1 - [(your finish time - average of top 3 finish time) / average of top 3 finish time])*1000

To see how last season’s standings would have looked using this calculation:



At the end of the qualifier races, the top 32 players based on point values will qualify for the bracket stage. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest individual point value from any race will win the tiebreaker. If it is still tied, the second highest race will be considered, and so on.

  • Players will face off in 1v1 races
  • Players will be seeded based on rank (ex: 1v32, 2v31, 3v30…)
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • All series will be best of 1
  • In Grand Finals, the player who advanced from Loser’s Bracket must win two races to win the tournament.

We are looking forward to this tournament and hope you will stop by for lots of Rando and high quality gameplay!